7 Skills That Will Make You Rich

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7 Skills That Will Make You Rich 5

The 7 skills that will make you rich are the most important skills that will change your life. These are skills that will pay off forever, and they are skills that can make you money. They are literally skills that pay the bills. If you want to know the 7 skills that will make you rich watch this video now.


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Not long ago, Dan Lok was just a poor immigrant boy. He had nothing but a strong desire to get out of debt and make enough to provide for his single mom. With this strong desire, Dan quit his job as a grocery bagger. He dropped out of college. And he became an entrepreneur.

After 13 failed businesses, Dan finally became a self-made millionaire at age 27 and multi-millionaire by age 30.

Fast forward to today, Dan is now an official Forbes Book author with over 13 internationally best-selling books. He’s the founder and chairman of several multimillion dollar businesses. And outside of his business success, he is one of the most-watched, most quoted and most followed educators of our time. In total, his videos have been watched over 100-million times across his social media platforms. His emails are read by over 2,000,000 people every month.

If you want to the no b.s. way to master your financial destiny, then learn from Dan. Subscribe to his channel now.


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Please understand that by watching Dan’s videos or enrolling in his programs does not mean you’ll get results close to what he’s been able to do (or do anything for that matter).

He’s been in business for over 20 years and his results are not typical.

Most people who watch his videos or enroll in his programs get the “how to” but never take action with the information. Dan is only sharing what has worked for him and his students.

Your results are dependent on many factors… including but not limited to your ability to work hard, commit yourself, and do whatever it takes.

Entering any business is going to involve a level of risk as well as massive commitment and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT WATCH DAN’S VIDEOS OR SIGN UP FOR ONE OF HIS PROGRAMS.

This video is about 7 Skills That Will Make You Rich

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Kudos to everyone here watching videos to improve themselves and well-being. Keep your focus and success will come

Author — Life Engine Optimization


1. Ability to talk customer - 7
2. Ability to speak at group - 9
3. Copywriting skill - 8
4. Leadership skill - 6
5. Priority management skill - 9
6. Financial literacy skill - 6
7. Mindset skill - 8

Author — Kumaran KM


This dude is ballin’ so hard that the ads that show up in his videos are of himself *SLOW CLAP*

Author — Gloria Von Void


Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself that's true power. bang! bang!!

Author — Yenny Favourine


1 closing skill 1:27 -- 2:15
2 public speaking skill 2:17 -- 3:55
3 copy writing skill 3:56 -- 5:44
4 leadership skill 5:47 -- 6:39
5 priority management skill
6:40 -- 8:26
6 financial literacy skill 8:27- 10:02
7 mindset skill 10:03 -- 11:44

Author — Fatih Celik


This is all about communication.
I admit it, this is all my weaknesses.
I have to master it. I can and I will. 💪🏻👍🏻
Thank you Mr. Dan Lok. 🙏🏻

Author — Chandy Aguilar


8. Problem Solving: Do you feel lost when you're faced with a problem or do quickly find solutions to overcome it and grow in the process

Author — Jonas Knörr


Dan always go straight to the point. Never waste time. His lessons are wholesome. 100% nutritious and so different from the rest.

Author — Tenny Shabong


“you cant actually manage time, cause we all have the same amount of time, but what we can actually manage is our priorities”

thats hella good

Author — Alohannah


im in highschool & all i heard was “they dont teach this in school” like damn ☹️

Author — SAMMM


Dan Lok, thank you! Closing is an amazing skill to learn. I called and closed my first clients by calling my newly generated leads. I was nervous as heck, but man what a rush!

Author — Jason Lamure


I'm finally getting off my ass and trying to do something with my life. You're videos are really amazing, thank you so much for sharing

Author — Ely Eliza


This guy legit speaks in the positive all the time. Even his examples are filled with positive energy. Awesome

Author — Ready Writer


Accountancy student here 🤚🏻 but planning to put up my own business soon. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR WISDOM 😩❤️

Author — Alegre Banay


Thanks for this Sir Dan :)

Love from Philippines! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Author — jean paul francisco


Great advise, I've always wanted someone to mentor me on this kind of abilities or skill sets but can't find someone good and enough like the content of this video

Author — Aldo Aguilar


I'm looking forward to watching the detailed guiding videos for each skills from you

Author — Jony Đỗ


Wow. I felt on such a high level watching this. Thanks Dan.

Author — Akshay Gupta


Thank you sir, Now I learn a lot of skill, I was looking someone to tell me this skills, Sir you help me a lot I a preciate it, Once again Thank you sir

Author — Wellos Nkumbira


Wow! What a video and what a great advice! Now, I’m awake! I should watch this video every morning before I start my day to be reminded of these 7 skills.

Author — PinoyNed Journey