The Beatles - Hey Bulldog (Promo video)

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Music video by The Beatles performing Hey Bulldog. (C) 2015 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Apple Films Ltd.

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Imagine a band with three great vocalists (a fourth vocalist eventually singing iconic songs), three great songwriters / composers, three multi instrumentalists, a great bass player, three great guitarists and a great drummer.
Wait, this band was real and it was called The Beatles.

Author — Paulo Augusto


everyone here talking about pauls bass and georges guitar but like I never see the ringo appreciation, the opening fill is perfect for the song and so is the rest give my man ringo the attention he deserves!

Author — BoynZ


John Lennon has the best ever rock n roll singing voice.

Author — Sky Watcher


Paul : Ready to create a really cool bassline
John : Let's start this with a piano riff!
George : I'm gonna nail the solo!
Ringo : *YEAH*

Author — Dhruv Barot


For any other band this would be their most famous song.
For the Beatles it's a throwaway filler for a cartoon.

Author — shippersrfc


Best bassline, best guitar solo, Lennon's best singing, killer piano riff, Ringo slipping all over the pocket; perfect.

Author — Maggie Osterberg


Should’ve been released as a single. Would’ve topped the charts.

Author — ABeatleManiac!


2:48 "That's it, man! WOOO!!!! That's it! You've got it!"

Even when the band was starting to come apart at the seams, this was a genuine moment of excellence as well as camaraderie and mutual understanding for what everyone wanted at the time.

This song was one hell of a way to head off on the path to immortality.

Author — Brian E


I don’t understand why hey bulldog is so underrated. Its amazing

Author — Jessamy Moore


1:13 This is (imho) one of the most brilliant guitar solos of all time: in its shortness, simplicity and uniqueness, it beats all virtuosity and posing attitude by far...and of course, the song has one of the best guitar riffs ever written!

Author — Sidle Man


This footage is solid gold, the four of them at the absolute top of their game gelling as a band.
Bulldog always reminds of a bond theme for some reason, it’s an awesome track.

Author — Mark Provan


Everyone: Here for the music
Me: Here to stare at John's sideburns

Author — Isaac Wale


This footage is a miracle. We get the actual video of the live recording session for what would make up the final song. This is simply unique for any Beatles song.

Author — philmstud2k


2:52 George is like, “y’all are on crack.”

Author — Layla Mars


John laughing in the end is best thing I've heard today

Author — Andre López Espinoza


And this was a "throwaway" song. Incredible.

Author — Brian Kliewer


What an insane bass player Paul is.
So melodic and ALL over the place in time, tone and tune.

Author — BarrySmithViolin


I love this song because according to Paul, the time while creating this song was some happiest times of the band

Author — EDeeire


This "filler" noncommercial hit is STILL one of my favorite Beatles tracks ever. Piano lead and Paul's killer bass - does it get any better?

Author — Tom


This song is so underrated and doesn’t get the respect it deserves even if it’s the Beatles

Meanwhile baby shark is almost at 10 billion views

Author — BruhSus • 100 years ago