“Aether Raids”

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based on a true story #feh #fireemblemheroes #aetherraids #feh #fireemblemheroes #feheroes #fireemblem #fe #sacredstones

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Looking at my defence results reminds me of my exams
"failure, failure, 1 foe defeated, failure.."

Author — E.J Kraft


This is basically my relationship with Aether Raids, gotta +10 that Joshua somehow.

Author — ShadedHydra


“Hi yes I’m in tier ___ and I don’t see these kind of teams at all. I was also offended by the lack of Eir, Aversa, Ophelia and pretty much any armor unit. 0/10 smh unwatchable and unsubscribed”

Author — Bismix


This is what I have to go through now to get my +10 Louise.

Author — Mangs


God damnit those drawings are hilarious!

Author — ZekromRocks


Aether Raids?

More like Aether Crippling Depression.

Author — Sincerely Otaku


You told me all the jokes beforehand and I still laughed. Good video as always LMAO

Author — JaeAIK


this is so sad can we get

75 more heroic grails for $100

Author — One Star Productions


I was waiting for the overpowered Surtr to appear and I wasn't disappointed.

Author — KoopaKoot


And this is why I just play the matches lose or win, just to get the daily items

Author — Kai _


I'm offended by the fact you consider moving my +10 Surtr forwards to win pathetic F2P defense teams as "unfun". My dad works at IS and when I showed him this video he says he will remove all of next months orbs and making the next seasonal banner with Lyn, Lucina and Camilla alts. Hah! Should have whaled when you had the chance

Author — Lightly SC


"Brave Lyn"
As someone who has Brave Lyn on their team I don't have such weaknesses.

Author — Elijah Stapleton


When it’s a bit harsh after deploying Reinhardt Brave Lyn Brave Veronica and Legendary Azura that’s why you put another Legendary Azura for extra salt on the wounds but then there is more to it by adding a 180BST SURTR MEGA BUFFED BY WHALED LEGIT BOUGHT NEW YEAR AETHER STONES TO UPGRADE BUILDINGS TO GET THE OTHER STONES TO UPGRADE THE FORTRESS TO MAKE SURTR GO SUPER SAIYAN

Author — Y°Lordi


To this day this is my everyday AR experience.
Sometimes it's worse, sometimes a hardy bearing Ophelia feels like showing up.
It doesn't get better once you get to T21, only more suffering and stress.
Have fun

Author — An unoriginal username


Brave Lyn 🤣 those were different times...
Oh no! I almost forgot there's only one day left to recover the lift I lost! No problem, just a quick battle against 3 Reginns, a +10 Freyja with aether and a flashing blade seal, a +10 legendary Corrin, and 2 cute harmless Flayns on the back

Author — MS


Not only is this painful because of its accuracy but the mode stopped being fun after Eir and other Mythic Heroes were added. Now, I only play with the goal to eventually +10 Walhart. A shame original team compositions don't seem to exist in Aether Raids but if you can't beat them, just join them.

Author — el trash can


Loved the skit, very cute drawings. I personally have a ton of fun with the mode. Kinda wish you included the scary dagger man that happens to do effective damage against your units with a turn one Luna, but the 2nd Legendary Azura was funny too.

Author — Xela


I just came back to this game after a long time and it’s changed so much from when I left

Author — Dick Cheese


Once you hit T19 AR, everything is B!Lyn, Reinhardt, B!Veronica, L!Azura, Ophelia and Surtr...

Author — Smelly Katarina


Can I just play Aether Raids for fun?

Author — Cpokemon12