McCarthy rips Pelosi's 'pure politics' response to coronavirus

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McCarthy rips Pelosi's 'pure politics' response to coronavirus 5

House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy says lawmakers should be focused on taking care of the coronavirus crisis instead of creating 'redundant' oversight measures.

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It is unF’cking believable that through all this these black lagoon creatures decide to start their bulls!t again.

Author — U ra KnobGobbler


When is Pelosi and her pals gonna be held accountable for all their crimes against the President and the American people. Especially the American people all these years.

Author — Awake& Alive


This so-called woman is the epitome of evil.

Author — joe poti


Shes hanging herself. Good riddance. Times ticking

Author — Michael Fowler


Democrats. Get ready to get SMASHED in November.

Author — JPD


Pelosi can't even oversee changing her own diaper

Author — One Wheel Appeal


She doesn’t want to just “oversee” she wants to take over...SHE WANTS TO REPLACE THE PRESIDENT WITH HERSELF. GOD HAVE MERCY ON ALL OF US. That was what impeachment was all about, she did not win and she never will.

Author — c martel


Pelosi says, "Transparency and honesty"?!? I'm surprised she didn't choke on those words I know I nearly did hearing it out of her mouth. Trump2020🇺🇸

Author — American Goddess


OMG! This lady can't even speak! Not to mention LET'S TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE who are sick and caring for the sick. Leave your selfish and evil motives behind! Pelosi you are effed up in the head and need to go!

Author — RacerSRT 2SS


Pelosi should be impeached for her actions concerning this emergency...she has failed to uphold her oath of

Author — Deek 44


Yep, I want to ask Pelosi why she demanded 25 million for the Kennedy center and as soon as they got the money they fire the musicians. I demand answers Pelosi.

Author — Deborah Asher


This is insane....abuse of power. Why doesn’t senators go after her.

Author — Steve Hoisington


She is completely obsolete and powerless. Everything she does now (impeach, tear up speeches, etc) is purely symbolic. She just wants to get her name in the news, even at the expense of harming/killing tens of thousands of people.

Author — Google censors conservatives


She's like a dog with a bone can't let go of anyting. Her mind is so set on her own interests that she can't give any attention to the American people who need help now.

Author — Arizona Cowgill


Pelosi is going to do everything she can to sabotage Trump's policies. The coup never ended.

Author — OtakuMagnet


She’s losing it. She sounds almost as bad as Biden.

Author — Mr360cuda


I'm TOTALLY sick of "Pelosi!" WHY isn't she censored FROM speaking??

Author — Gloria Rider


Pelosi reminds me of the "Wicked Witch" from the original Wizard of Oz.

Author — John Kostiuk


Evil face of the coronovirus. How can she represent House of Speaker. Evil Lady,

Author — Tommy Smith


Such a disgusting person. How has this unintelligent dishonest human been in power for over 40 years?!??

Author — SeeYa Later