Colbert's LIVE Monologue Following Trump's 2020 State Of The Union Address

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Colbert's LIVE Monologue Following Trump's 2020 State Of The Union Address 4.5

After President Trump delivered a divisive State of the Union, Stephen Colbert delivered his LIVE Late Show monologue. The one thing we can all agree on: "My fellow Americans, the state of our union was long." #Monologue #StateOfTheUnion #Colbert

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Pelosi in the background thinking.. "the f*** is he talking about "?

Author — Alex


"John Roberts, who is still working double duty...Yest another American forced to work two jobs in Trump's economy"

Author — Mireille Lebeau


And the best part of the speech is..

27% lower viewer ratings

Author — W P


"Sailed the Wild West". That's right up with his "captured the airports during the War of Independence."

Author — Terence McQuillan


“Stanktuary.” Let add it to Trump’s dictionary

Author — Ja Tr


At least mitt Romney had the balls to stand up to this monster, unlike the rest of the GOP who are still missing theirs

Author — Lord Lucius


Young people are super employed! I'm so employed I got two jobs and might even get a third one if these wages stay in the gutter

Author — Dylan Jeninga


oh yes, i love my health care company that charges me $1200 a month for the "Tin" plan, where my insurance pays all costs up to $500, and I pay the remainder.

Author — J.W.


Customers who liked "Trump, the Mein Kampf Tour" also enjoyed Hitler's "My New Order"

Author — harshwilly


Trump's State of the Union speech contains so many lies that many fact-checkers are calling it "record-breaking".

Author — Toad Jiang


"Trumpworld Is Like A Cult, And A Lot Of These Senators Are In The Cult." - Lev Parnas

Author — X


I guess "tamed the wilderness and settled the wild west" is the way american say "stole the land of the natives and decimated their population".

Author — MissMeistil


ttump is what (no who) should be "committed" for the multitude of felonies he has already committed.

Author — serdy ximi


Nancy Pelosi has so much sass, it's awesome.

Author — Dackson Flux


As much as I love Colbert I can’t laugh about what’s going on anymore. It’s sad, scary and makes me worry about America’s future.

Author — Gabriele Stamp


"Stankuary" sounds like an Outkast album.

Author — Chris N.


He is even more insane since the GOP sold their souls for him

Author — Cheeseatingjunlista


"You just heard the single clap of the only person in America who likes their health insurance company."

That joke hit me in the SOUL. XD

Author — Jay Bloodworth


Nancy looked like she already had enough at the beginning of his speech

Author — unwichtiges Mikroteilchen


When people repeat themselves too often, they are reinforcing their lies.

Author — chipmunktubetop