Switch Song (with Conchita Wurst, Måns Zelmerlöw, Eleni Foureira, Verka Serduchka) - Eurovision 2019

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Switch Song (with Conchita Wurst, Måns Zelmerlöw, Eleni Foureira, Verka Serduchka) - Eurovision 2019 5

When this contest was launched sixty-four years ago, it was in the hope of bringing people together through the power of music.

Over the years, we’ve learned that music is far from the only thing that unites us. It‘s a scientific fact – we’re more similar than we ever could have imagined.

To prove our point, we dug into Eurovision’s heritage and found incredible connections between five Eurovision All Stars that you all know and love.

Tonight, we’ll put these connections to the test and show you what it means to be one big Eurovision family.

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Can Eleni perform at Eurovision EVERY year?

Author — Regulus Arcturus


10:34 when you create a random family in sims

Author — Arisha


Verka didn't win the contest...
*Became a legend instead*

Author — Vencel Földi


2018: I'm a sexy girl, I will light today.
2019: sieben sieben ai lyu lyu ein zwei drei

Author — Planet Earth


I felt bad for Madonna, imagine performing after these legends

Author — lunali


*Conchita Wurst comes in*
Me: Omg
*Mäns Zerlmelow appears*
*Eleni Foureira*
*Verka Serduchka*
Me: *DEAD*

Author — ESC Norway


Madonna: i will make the world talking about my performance
Eleni foureira: hold my fur

Author — Stellina Pataridou


Verka singing "Look at me, I'm a beautiful creature" gets me every time

Author — Klaudia Szilágyi


Madonna: I'm the diva of Eurovision 2019
Verka's mom: I'm about to ruin this woman's entire career

Author — Mihai Lung


People who never watch Eurovision: "Madonna was on Eurovision?!"
Everyone else: "Conchita, Måns, Eleni and Verka were back on Eurovision!! Not forgetting Gali Atari!"

Author — Highland Gaming


Madonna: I can sing better than anyone else.
Eleni: Give me any song you want honey and I will give you crazy hair.

Author — KingstonTV


Verka’s mum has more stage presence than Madonna

Author — Tom Daplyn


I can't be the only who comes back here and skips straight to Eleni's part, right?!

Author — Glorious Mustache


If switch song become annual tradition at ESC, I want Netta singing Hard Rock Hallelujah next year.

Author — Hafizh WK


American:The Europeans had fun with Madonna!
Europans:Madonna was boring. We were having fun with a switch song

Author — Milos V


Такое впечатление, что все пришли поглядеть на Сердючку, а участники это так, рекламая пауза 😂

Author — Pet Life


2 drag queens, a man in a suit, a diva and a classy lady united in the anthem of Israel’s participation in Eurovision

I love Eurovision for this exact reason

Author — Elsa Öhh


"switch song" needs to become an annual tradition. Such a good idea

Author — Joey Rebello


Мне кажется или Верка случайно, не участвуя выиграла Евровидение ?)

Author — Андрей Ахматов


There’s nothing more Eurovision than this video

Author — Diana Serbanica