Obamacare in Trump country

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Obamacare in Trump country 4.5

We travel to Whitley County in Kentucky to find out why people who benefited most from Obamacare would vote for Donald Trump. Some thought that Trump would not actually repeal Obamacare. Others felt that Obamacare wasn't affordable.

Kathy's full question and Obama's answer start at 38:00

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"Obamacare is too expensive"
"How about free heath care then?"
"No, that's socialism!"

Author — EmmaShadyLilly


Watching this as a European is just strange

Author — kittenslayer666


This America place sounds like a funny place

Author — Tancredi Vergani


trump: "im going to revoke obamacare"
white americans: "he aint going to do that, im gonna vote for trump"
trump: *revokes obamacare*
white americans: *surprised pikachu face*

Author — Elia Salerno


"I never thought leopards would eat MY face" - Woman who voted for leopards-eating-faces party

Author — BlackTearDrop


I wish that Vox would do a follow-up with these same individuals now

Author — Lovebyte69


Her: “No no I don’t think he would he has children”
Me: *points to a Trump tower where his children are living*

Author — Zachary Clayton


Trump has fooled so many people. This is super depressing. We need Medicare for All.

Author — Jeffery Jones


Y’all. Americans. You want healthcare. You vote against healthcare. Do you understand????

Author — Jamie Schechner


Americans don’t like expensive but hate free even more. I don’t get it. Do they even know what they want?

Author — Tony Martins


So most people underestimated his stupidity and overestimated his honesty

Author — Dark_Amethyst


"He's a businessman, he knows money. He will fix this." He's also a born billionaire who never had money problems in his life and bankrupted countless companies. I don't get why people believe in this guy so much.

Author — Nick Lounsbury


That's funny 66% of people without a DEGREE support Trump!

Author — Joseph Y06


"We trusted Trump when he said he'd replace it with something better"

Why. Why would you? His whole life has been scamming people.

Author — jb2lk


This shows how effective brainwashing is even in the US.

Author — Excalibur


So most trump supporters are uneducated. Not surprised

Author — Jason Smith


"I think everyone deserves affordable healthcare" turns around and attacks Bernie Sanders.

Author — I'm a General Store


"Trump's a business man, he knows money." Ughh, no, no he doesn't.

Author — Whitney Hope


"I absolutely detest the word 'Obamacare'."
You were meant to - it was invented by Republicans specifically to have that effect.
You'd be surprised how many people hate Obamacare but like the Affordable Care Act.

Author — Chris R


“He knows money” she says. He filed bankruptcy 6 times and defaulted on a $48 million dollar loan.

Author — enohp660