Do We FINALLY Have The Perfect Gaming Keyboard? - Asus ROG Strix Scope

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This is the Asus ROG Strix Scope. A fully mechanical gaming keyboard with RGB for £150. Join PC Centric for his review - is this the best gaming keyboard in 2019?
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ROG Strix Scope:

My PC & Setup Gear:

My Keyboard: (Corsair K63 Wireless)

Optional White Keycaps:

My Mouse: (Logitech G900)

LG UC99 Monitor:

Noblechairs ICON Leather chair:


My Camera - Sony A6500:

My lights - LIFX RGB Bulbs:


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💬 Comments

I've been watching this most the way through and I kept thinking I know this guys voice. Then it struck me, he sounds very similar to some of the male wood elves in Elder Scrolls Online.

Author — Jennifur68


Where did you get that background on your pc screen? It look soo gooood cyberpunk <3

Author — Zitix!


Got this keyboard the other day and i love it! :3

Author — Mohsin S.


Hey it has volume up and down on the top thats all I need lol

Author — reviewfor thetube


first.. also such a nice keyboard! Keep up the good work

Author — Αλέξανδρος Κουρμανοπουλος


WOW! That cyberpunk 2077 wallpaper looks super dope!🔥

Author — Jack Toreto


varmilo and leopold are best mechanical keyboard!!

Author — Ngurah Bramhyang


just so you know you can likely use asus aura if you have an asus motherboard, and it makes the lighting experience alot better imo

Author — Fricked Up


i picked up the tkl deluxe version for £65 :)

Author — Badgerkins


same issues for me. most of my gear is on the box cause the app. i will try to get one later and retest, same as you Asus is my blood. and as always good video!. i will retest the app later when i get the rest of the gear

Author — Carlos De Bernard


What is the best strix flare or Rog Claymore or Scope?

Author — Miguel Amaral


Straight away this keyboard is very visually similar to the Logitech G513. I know a lot of people want to avoid the Romer switches; but if you do enjoy using them, then I'd say that would be the better value keyboard if you like the low-profile and alloy aesthetic. (Plus it comes with a super comfy wrist rest!)

Author — Alex Addison


Often I sit back to my sofa behind my chair, and take my keyboard with me. This keyborad has a wire :( I hope one can find it without a wire..



this keyboard has been 10/10 performance wise and it feels really good to use but the software is killingggg meeee it’s so unnecessarily difficult and i probably won’t be buying another rog keyboard for that reason alone but will definitely stick to red switches

Author — Mar-See Yaaa


i wonder if this keyboard will last i broke like 6 keyboard in 3 years k70 rgb burn led hyperx fps alloy doble taps issue cooler master same issuue corsair k95 platinum space bars doble tabs issue now the damn asus flare

Author — Hosaka Blood


Are the switches soldered on or are they removable?

Author — Austin Powers


Hi . ROG Strix Scope TKL is the same keyboard as this one ?

Author — PCgameplaz


What is the deal with that tiny left Shift key ... That's an instant F for me. Great video btw!

Author — kmd subs


I have a very important question, is there an option for me to buy this keyboard but with the speed silver switches ?

Author — Salewow


Well when this big companies start to implement a pcb with hot swappable switches I'll consider buying one, and yeah I actually prefer a tkl, the fart before the sound test was pure gold tho.

Author — njb