Being Barack Obama's brother: George Obama in the slums | VPRO Documentary | 2013

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Being Barack Obama's brother: George Obama in the slums | VPRO Documentary | 2013 4.5

George Obama is the brother of Barack George Obama. George Obama is the youngest brother of Barack Obama, former president of the United States of America, and he lives in the slums of Nairobi.
This program was recorded when Barack Obama was the president of America. Being the brother of Barack Obama is a heavy burden for George Obama. "Being his brother is a blessing, but also a curse," says George Obama.
Since the presidency of Barack Obama, everyone wants something from George Obama. Because, if anyone can draw attention to the slums of Nairobi, it is George Obama, only because his brother is...Barack Obama.

Brothers and sisters, you do not choose them, but you are connected to each other for life. Sometimes they are confidants, sometimes rivals. But how is that if you are the brother or sister of a megastar, or of an icon?

Originally broadcasted by VPRO in 2013.
© VPRO Backlight November 2013

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Directed by: Britta Hosman
English, French and Spanish subtitles: Ericsson.
French and Spanish subtitles are co-funded by European Union.

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Author — vpro documentary


I wouldn't sleep knowing my brother is living in a slump, while I'm living in the White House.

Author — ElMo 922


Even if he wants to live in Africa, why he doesn't provide him with a decent home there will he lives in a mansion now in DC???

Author — Maxula Pretto


He looks like a mix of Kevin Durant and Barack Obama

Author — No Meter


George is living at a place he enjoys and with people he likes. That's his family.

Author — Omolo George


George is being real 🔥 he doesn't depends on others that's real man

Author — Puloto Achumi


Talking about his brother when the journalist said Barack is taking care of the world and not you he replied "He is taking care of the world I am part of the world" He is just amazing !

Author — mohamed samaké


All these people claiming to be Obama's half siblings should prove it with a DNA test before demanding money and American resources!

Author — Higher Ground Espresso


Why would he feel connected to someone he met twice? Brotherhood is more than blood.

Author — Micah Rafferty


You can tell George doesn’t want any money he just wants the family that he never had.

Author — Rauhaan Inamdar


To be fair, this was another marriage and Obama never knew this guy.

Author — scRUAM


I would hate this life. Never knowing if someone is real or using you for connections you probably don’t even have.

Author — Amanda Roman


How was your brother the president of a leading country and you’re still living in a shack something does not add up

Author — What is Life


You can see that he loved his life whenever he life’s in the “slumps” or not and that’s all that matters. MONEY DOESNT ALWAYS MAKE HAPPY

Author — Matida xoxo


I have half brothers I ain’t never met either, older ones they never cared for me neither do I. Life goes on 😎

Author — Mansa Musa


They’re just half brother and didn’t grow up together, I think they didn’t create bond together enough.



A bit misleading title, a half brother that he only met twice.
Endearing character.

Author — Patel Pelat


How old was he in the slums ?? He didn't help him out ?? When he was SEN? WTF??

Author — wakeup


Even if he didn’t ask for help, Barack should still offer. George has too much pride to ask but he has pain as well.

Author — Kao Saechao


Not everyone wants to go to White Amerika n not everyone wants handouts😏😏😏

Author — Amani Kairetu