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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts Montreal and Toronto, the two largest cities in Canada. #geography #canada #torontovsmontreal

Thanks to Aven and Mark of the channel Alliterative and This is Barris! for looking over my script. Check out their channels!

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Toronto and Montreal or Tronno and The City of Saints
The two largest cities in Canada. Just about 547 kilometers, or 340 miles, apart from each other. While the two cities are dynamic, cosmopolitan, global cities with amazing attractions, both are quite different.

Let’s start with the language. French is the primary language of Montreal, while English is the primary language of Toronto. But wait Mr. Beat. Aren’t both English and French official languages in Canada? Well, yeah, but Montreal is in Quebec (I know, I know also pronounced KUH- bek or KEH-bek), which is the only province where the majority of residents speak French. But have no fear English-speaking peoples. More than 59% of Montreal residents can speak both English and French. Less than 1% of folks who live in Toronto mostly speak French, although most Toronto residents know at least some French, or at least they were supposed to learn it in school. Pay attention in school, kids.

Why the language difference? Well let’s get into some history.

Montreal is 151 years older than Toronto. Woah dude. Montreal began as a fort called Ville-Marie. French settlers founded Ville-Marie on May 17, 1642 to help expand its colonial empire, New France. In those early years, Ville-Marie became a major center for the fur trade and made lots of money for France until France lost it in 1760 to the British army in the Seven Years’ War. After the British moved in, THEY made lots of money in the fur trade.

Meanwhile, the British established the Province of Upper Canada. Its first Lieutenant-Governor, a dude named John Graves Simcoe, established what would become Toronto on August 27, 1793. He named it York, to kiss King George’s butt, since the Duke of York was King George’s son. It was meant to be the temporary capital of Upper Canada, but folks liked it so much it ended up becoming the permanent capital. During the War of 1812, American troops attacked the fort which protected York, called Fort York of course.

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Which is better? Montreal or Toronto? What did I get wrong? What did I leave out? What are your favorite, lesser-known attractions in each city?

I'm sorry for the interrogation.

Author — Mr. Beat


Montreal has a more European vibe to it, and Toronto feel more American.

Author — Billy Boy


"While the French food in Montreal is obviously unbeatable"

*shows bagels which can be found absolutely nowhere in France*

Author — François Thomas


A Montréal on travaille pour vivre,
à Toronto on vit pour travailler.

Author — Jean Paul Bourgeois


You didn't mention Montreal is one of the biggest porn cities outside of California.

Author — firsy


The STM operates the Montreal metro. They are not separate entities

Author — Édouard Murdoch


Montreal needs to repair its roads! They are in horrible shape. Other than that it's a fantastic city.

Author — Kirk M


"If Toronto is now Canada's Milan, Montreal will always be Canada's Rome"

That being said, Montreal, hands down.

Author — Philippe Deschenes


They forgot to mention
the POUTiNe for montreal !!

Author — BG Beatz da Real


I am learning French and saving up money to head to Canada, I intent on living in Montreal

Author — Zian Saakaar


I live in Cleveland, Ohio and prefer Montreal by far. It almost feels like going to Europe. Toronto just feels like another American city.

Author — Jeff Spehar


I can hear Vancouver crying in the backround

Author — Recessif


When Torontonians want to have fun, they come to Montréal.

Author — Simon Rancourt


you have missed the Oratoire Saint-Joseph!

Author — ban mar


My poor ears. "Mun-tree-all, " not, "Mawn-tree-all."

Also, the metro is operated by the STM. Perhaps you were thinking of the municipal trains, which are run by the AMT?

Author — Kristina Dniprenko


I'm from Chicago. I miss the Expos playing in Parc Jarry.!!!

Author — Mar Blox



**pointing to Toronto then Montreal**



Me: Oh, so then they’re gonna show the right way of saying Montreal?

*“the city of saints”*

Author — •Sunnie Flower•


0:45 I'm sure the people of Labrador are going to love that map.

Author — M. A.


"Everything is cheaper in Montréal, " but we (as a province, and as a municipality) pay the highest taxes in the country, by far.

Author — Oh Danny Boy


8:15 weird how americans translated “Fleuve St-Laurent” into an english name but not “Rivière des Prairies”

Author — Moula