Famicom Detective Club Nintendo Switch Review - Are They Worth It?

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That visual novel you like is coming back in style...

Reviews Written by Kate Gray

Introduction: 0:00​
Famicom Detective Club: The Missing Heir Review: 0:39
Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind Review: 8:02

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I’m so happy these games are finally localized in the west. They’re such a strange yet interesting part of Nintendo’s history and they definitely deserved it.

Author — JJ


But the real question is, can you trade characters between the games and have them battle

Author — J Jayansh Adithya


These games have been on my radar since they were announced. It caught my attention with it's art style and historical importance being from the vaults of Nintendo. I'll probably pick them both up at some point because I really want to play them.

Author — Trenton Bless


I want these so bad, but would've loved a double pack physical edition for the collection.

Author — Copat87


10:51 Just a minor correction, the SNES version of The Girl Who Stands Behind did not come out on the Satellaview, but through the JP only Nintendo Power flash cartridge service, where you would buy blank cartridges that could have games written onto them on kiosks. The Girl Who Stands Behind, among a few other extremely late SNES releases came out on this service, like Fire Emblem Thracia 776 and Metal Slader Glory Director's Cut
There WAS a Satellaview Famicom Detective Club game, but it was its own original story, which has never been rereleased in any form since its original live Soundlink broadcast.

Author — Daniel Lhota


Hi! I posted this on the Nintendo Trailers too but wanted to post this here too because I love this series. If you are interested please read! I am on mobile so please excuse the formating!
If you like Ace Attorney I would suggest checking these out as they predate AA and are cool pieces of nintendo history!

These games came out on the nes and were remade for the snes and the gba. They were japan only titles for a very long time!
Missing heir is the first game and Girl who stands behind is the second. Girl who stands behind is a prequel though! You can play them in any order! :)

There is a third game, "Famicom Detective Club BS: Lost memories in the white snow" This was a Satellaview only game that was broadcasted only a few times and took advantage of the broadcasting to add voice acting! Ayumis voice actor from the satellaview has come back for the remake to voice her again. :) I would hope that if this sells decently maybe nintendo will rerelease and translate this game as some satellaview games are lost to time and are missing pieces, such as the voice acting I mentioned earlier.

Here is some fun facts about this series:
Ayumi, the female character behind the main character was actually considered to be a fighter in super smash brothers melee! She was instead added as a trophy in the game and later a spirit in ultimate.

At the end of the game you get a rating from Ayumi, basicly if she likes the main character. The rating system is 20 hearts. It is actually impossible to get a full 20/20 score from her in the original game and can only be accessed from debug menus! You can find a video of this on youtube using the fan translation!
If you know mother 3 and its fan translation the fan translation for girl who stands behind is made by the same person, Tomato!

If you do get stuck in these games at any point in time after doing all the character dialog choices hit " What they know " as this is usually what you need to advance their text.
Also when talking to a character make sure to hit the same topic under talk to contiue the conversation about that topic if they haven't said everything. Once they have said everything under that topic a character will usually say something along the lines of " I don't know anything else... "

Thank you for reading all this if you made it to the bottom! I hope you enjoy these games! :) If you have any questions or need help I will do my best to answer and help!

Author — Sly Synch


I'm so glad this got a remake with an English translation, I'm going to try it out. Hopefully it does well and Nintendo will localize more of their old games, like Fire Emblem

Author — Meester Tweester


I might be alone on this but I'd love to not only see another Famicom Detective Club game but also Nintendo's other 2 mystery IPs: Trace Memory/Another Code and Hotel Dusk/Last Window ( I generally refer to those as the Kyle Hyde franchise ). Maybe even a full on crossover where Kyle Hyde, Ashley Mizuki Robbins and Ayumi Tachibana all team up to solve a big intriguing case...

Author — newageBoundhippie


Hearing Zion read reviews written by Kate is an entertaining enough reason to watch the video in itself:)

Author — O


What's even more funny is that fact that all these characters in Famicom Detective Club are Nintendo's IP same as Mario, Link, Samus and Fox Mccloud.

Author — Atariboy


Preordered them both. I love Ace Attorney and this is exactly my kind of thing.

Author — NPChilla


Was mildly interested at the Ninty direct. Your review made me say "I need this game yesterday!" Thanks so much for helping me make the jump!

Author — Daniel Carpenter


I love that you called him Shinji Ikari considering they have the same voice actress

Author — Nicolate


Honeslty, weird obscure Nintendo is my favorite kind of Nintendo. So this looks like it'll be right up my alley.

Author — angelfox123456


I've pre-ordered way too many games for the next few months because they were on sale, so I'll have to wait some time before buying these, hopefully these will be on sale by then!
Still, I'll buy these games for sure, I was so excited when they announced them, plus they'll be a good way to practice my Japanese while having fun!

Author — Johnny Mind


I've been waiting for this for so long! It's weird they're releasing it on a Friday though, almost as if it was supposed to have a simultaneous physical release.

Author — Rob L


If I ever have a band, I'm calling it Gentle Corpses.

Author — Audrey Scrapaloup


Just played through the Girl Who Stands Behind and the twists in the final few chapters were pretty good. Game held up really well, can't wait to see how the Missing Heir is. I'm not into these kinds of games, but when I saw Jon freak out during the direct a few months ago I felt like I had to try them. It was a good decision for sure!

Author — Krakenjackz


I wonder if this will gain the same popularity among VN fans as Ace Attorney has.

Author — Faidou


It's weird to hear Layton be called murder mystery even though I aggree that it belongs to that general area. In my mind the big 3 of mystery series are Layton, AceAttorney and Danganronpa. I guess I'm kinda suprised that Layton and AceAttorney were mentioned before Danganronpa in terms of *murder* mystery but hey I'm down for any Layton recognition^-^

I wouldn't say that Layton is dead with "Professor Layton and the Unwound/Lost Future HD" been released on mobile last year but I aggree that the future of Layton is concerning.

...also btw. Can we please port the HD versions of the first Layton triologie from Mobile on Switch? It makes way too much sense. Same with Danganronpa. At least 1 and 2 are on mobile and therefore "easy enough" to bring to Switch.

Also also btw the Mobile versions of the Layton triologie are worth playing. Layton games are mostly touch and it would be a shame if people don't play them because "they are just mobile games". While I aggree that the DS versions are still perfectly fine, it's not like the mobile versions are really worse. If it's your only way of playing than play them. It might be weird to pay for a mobile game but I can assure that it's worth it, if you like puzzlely games with charm only a true gentleman can have. Great music, sooo much charm and the Cutscenes benefit a lot from the HD upgrade. It has all of the weekly puzzles and the first game has some nice gallery extras that weren't in the original.

I don't say that this is directly linked to a Switch port but my guess is that this is one of the best way to show your appreciation to the series in these times.

Also also also Layton for Smash. Kirby with Top hat is perfection^-^

Author — Huy YT