Best OBS Streaming Settings 2020 ⚙️ Setup Guide (1080p 60FPS)

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Best OBS Streaming Settings 2020 ⚙️ Setup Guide (1080p 60FPS) 5

The absolute Best OBS Streaming Settings guide out there to achieve 1080p 60fps pro level quality on your stream. I take a deep dive into OBS and explain to you what settings you should be using for single or dual PC streaming to achieve the highest quality possible. High end and low end PCs can both stream, and in this guide I tell you the best settings to use for whatever your PC setup may be.

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What are some things you guys would like to see in a PART 2 of this video?

Author — Hammer Dance


"if you dont use dark mode then dont talk to me." tat one line already got me into this man's video LMAO

Author — Juub Majin Gaming


Yes please would love some info about streaming and overlays

Author — Lyndon Dallas


struggling to eq my dynamic mic while streaming dude and came across your channel just cant seem to get it right, i just changed from an audio technica at2020 condensor mic to a rode dynamic pod mic

Author — CHARLIE1944


I have a MacBook and it’s so shit I have a feeling I can’t stream...

Author — Jauhgn


Thank you my guy, really helped me and solved a lot of issues I had when streaming. For example the encoder overloaded issue. Subscribed and liked 👍

Author — nodis


Thank you so much for going in depth regarding different capture cards, i just switched over from SLOBS to OBS.LIVE and just from your clarifications I can understand what each setting does a bit more and am confident this will help the quality of streams in the future!

Author — NeutralB


My quality is pretty bad when i am recording fortnite on medium setting how can i fix that

Author — SmexBackUP


Thank you I just bought a pc that can handle streaming this helped a lof

Author — AcostaLBC


Hi, before I saw this video I had some lag errors in the stream, but I was curious because the game was smooth in my monitor, the error was in the stream. This specs work for a GTX 1050?

Author — LeirbagCL


Really no need to set look ahead on as your already maxing b frames at 2



"dont use dark mode, dont wanna talk to you"

Author — lol lol


thanks for the video, and i would like to know more about should like how to setup and follow alert in obs or tips or follow alert. i just starting this as first time. thank you so much, great video.

Author — Kingsley Li


Great video! Would you happen to know anything about when OBS 'max audio buffers' where the audio becomes choppy and distorted and the only way to fix is to restart your stream? I noticed you have your audio at 44.1kHz, would that help in saving resources to prevent this?

Author — Mr A-Game


I see what you were saying now when you told me this on your stream. Again, good helpful info, thanks man!

Author — beRtsKi57


Ryzen 3, 8gb ram, 32gb SSD, 500gb HD - what's the best reso and bitrate for this? Tried a lot if test streams, it still lags

Author — Vanessa Jardeleza


yo hammer keep growing an thx for the vid! (:

Author — JusClapped


Thank you for the tips! I adjusted accordingly so now for the test! I LOVE the NukaCola poster you have btw!

Author — Amaean Takeda


Hi i have a series 16 card what is the best settings for that for the encoder ?

Author — Tbfy Crypticz


Hellyeah, thx bro, this helped me a lot ;-) It all changes continously, it helps the we get reminded regarding optimal setting so now and then ;-)

Author — ๖ۣۜ Lt.Gen.Falcon༻