The hunter of Cocos Island: The white-tip reef shark

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The hunter of Cocos Island: The white-tip reef shark 4.5

With the aid of modern technology, reveal the unknown behaviour of some unusual species of shark: lemon sharks and their white-tip reef counterparts.
Our film trip begins on the Bahamas. To be more precise: in the turquoise-blue waters of the Grand Bahama Bank, in an exactly fixed location. In the spring, 70 - 80 pregnant lemon sharks arrive here. This huge shark population was first discovered just a few years ago by shark researcher, Professor Sam Gruber.
Many of the females are tired and rest on the seabed. Pregnant tiger sharks swim in the midst of this group. Without any protection whatsoever, our cameramen shoot their footage, surrounded by sharks and succeed in capturing images hitherto unseen.

We continue our journey to Gainesville, Florida, to meet Gordon Hubbell, the leading shark denture expert with the world’s largest shark denture collection. He knows everything about the evolutionary history of the lemon sharks, in addition to those of the white-tip reef variety off Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Here, we encounter large schools of fish, unprecedented numbers of stingrays, as well as hammerhead sharks. However, it is the white-tip reef sharks that make the biggest impression. Their performance begins late at night. Marauding, they patrol in large groups through the reefs and hunt everything that moves. Scales and dead prey fish float above the reef - a welcoming change of diet for the ubiquitous barracudas.

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When I see a guy theatrically waving a small shark above his head I know to stop watching.

Author — Peter Karig


Made my evening - thanks a lot for sharing!

Author — Alberad08


Shark LOVE is pretty interesting, TO SAY THE LEAST!! 🤩😂😍😍

Author — Voice of REASON


is there any videos not from the 80s? i want to know the latest findings

Author — CCGG262


I like how they use the globe to make it seem like discovery channel

Author — Blue Dinero305


LMFAO the way he says Barracuda XD 😂 great documentary I enjoyed watching it❤



I wish I was raised by sharks. Well I wouldn’t know how to swim and drown. So then I guess that would be a bad thing

Author — thomas blackwell


Magnifique ! Merci ! From: SHARK PROJECT Biscay

Author — Laurent Delphin


Nice video, but 20+ commercials in less than an hour is a bit much. Not many people will stick around for that. Just saying... :)

Author — Mega Tortas


What do you do in your spare time?
Oh I deliver shark babies & send them on their way ., 😂 no medical bills required !

Author — Kri MD


Is that baby shark he holds up at the beginning the future shark king?

Author — Jasmine Collins


opsss 23:00 babies don't give birth, still a nice document

Author — Albert Merchant


This Sigurd guy (& his wife too if im not mistaken) make some real good documentaries! Top of the line.

Author — Dionne Dunsmore


Uhm "Cocos Island"? This video was mostly about some guy mistreating sharks for research in the area of Bimini Island.

Author — Cliff Curtis


35:30 Those divers almost died BECAUSE of the cage. Steel in the water agitates sharks. And if the shark gets into the cage, now you're trapped.

Author — Master Nataka


Tbh I don’t like the ads, but the documentary is fantastic and it is worth it to watch the documentaries on this channel. There’s another one about weird sharks in the ocean (I don’t think that’s the name of it) but either way it’s very well made.

Author — Chandler


5% white tip reef sharks 95% other sharks

Author — Triceps-ratops


Its no mystery what the Shark repellant is, Its the Smell essence of Dead rotten Shark Flesh, all Sharks Hate it and will want to get away from it every single time.

Author — Faithful-Honest&True.


it was only so tired because they chased it nearly to death for film.

Author — 3and0


Skip all the way of the video. .then restart from beginning. .free adds

Author — ‫Random Viewers