STERLING SILVER!! But did I overpay?! Urban Treasure Hunting at a flea market can be a gamble!

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Quick video drop, nothing special. Buying bulk lots of silver jewelry can be difficult.. How much is actually silver? How much is scrap? How much can be resold over melt? Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for watching this little snippet!

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Nice setup you have there Brad! Congrats on fatherhood as well! My son is 19 now and serves in the Army. I love your videos, very informative and just fun to see and hear about your adventures!

Author — John Stevens


I’d give ya a hug if I could man, HUGE congrats. The heaviest gold coin in the world won’t beat that little piece of treasure. I’m happy for ya bud, when will be the next time you get to go digging with the boys?? We all like muck boots but we miss you and Bobby and I am confident I can speak for others on this lmao

Author — High hopes detecting


Awesome. Do you sell it as is, or do you melt it down yourself? I mean the pieces that you don’t sell online.

Author — Potter County Diggers


Brad I just bought my first detector. Well now it’s 2 took the boys to the beach 2 weeks ago and well it’s the regular black ace and I bought the yellow for myself what’s odd to me is I detected a tire 3 feet down and was curious to know is the yellow Ace 100 a good starter for me or should I upgrade. If I upgrade what do you recommend as the best “ALL AROUND” universal detector at an affordable cost? Thx for your time.! “SWING FOR THE RING” Lol hope you and the family are happy n healthy.


Author — luke darling


Awesome haul! However, I also have a thing for boxes so what's up with that orange-ish pink box next to your scale? It looks really cool and that price sticker is making me sad...were you able to remove it alright?

Author — Monica Wrobel


Nice! Awesome return on your investment. Thanks for sharing and take care.

Author — Clayton County History Hound


throw the gravy boat in there and break out the torch 😂😂

Author — Detecting Rods and Reels


Yea, I am running not walking to the silver buyer. You almost doubled your money Brad.

Author — Mark-TBH


Was your spawn fussing at you because you weren't wearing eye protection and gloves?

Author — PJPanda


Nice haul man! Aren't you overdue for some walkers and seated and Spanish to toss in there with it? Just sayin it's been a minute.

Author — John94709


Brad the silver Baron. Glad I didn't see your gravy boat in there

Author — Darren Bolme


Now take the money you made and throw down on 300 bucks worth of scratchers

Author — Gone Diggin


Was that a stack of garbage Pail kids cards

Author — Loren Windell