Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Mission 38 'Search and Destroy'

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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Mission 38 'Search and Destroy' 4.5

This video was created using games from Bohemia Interactive.
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is a registered trademark of Bohemia Interactive.

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such a unique game, the original real miltary sim, amazing game, so many hours of fun, this game was ahead of it s time when released, a groundbreaker, ahh such memories.

Author — Godspeed Jnr


7: Supporting.
1: 7, Fall back to the formation.
7: Roger.
7: Supporting.

Author — Денис


mission 38. video ist 38 minutes long.
*insert x-files music here*

Author — Seele Schneider


The Mission editor on this game was awesome

Author — wq qwfqwf


this was never boring. damn, how many kilometers of running and crawling left alone i used to cover with no ammo, trying to outrun opposition tanks and shooters. that sound of increasing breath, creepy music, endless trees, fear of getting out of the forest into the fields - trying to run quicker by pressing W button deeper. aaahahahaha, unbelievable game. there was nothing more scary than running for an hour or even more, thinking you have gotten away from opponent, and all of a sudden seeing opposition soldiers just walking past.

Author — bsklasika


Love this game, me and a few others still hop on to play with each other. Multiplayers not dead by the way, still a strong fan base even after all these years.

Author — Alkatsojo


That type of mission in OFP was actually quite nerve-wrecking. =0

I must have spent over a 1, 000 hours playing that game back in the day.

Author — antred11


This is the best FPS, combat, simulation, etc. game EVER!!! Love it so much. Use to go around that hill  to attack :)

Author — Hasta la victoria siempre


Hey man, could I get permission to use some of this footage in a video? I wanted to make a kind of "documentary" of tactical shooters.

Author — Kirumy


General Guba is dead but the show goes on :-)

Author — Tom Dilex


i love this game so much, and I still have it .... but yours is more realistic in explosions ?

Author — hamza statham


I played this game before Christmas. I was surprised how I remember this game. It was my favorite game in '04, but this is long time ago :) In this mission I cleared whole rail. I destroyed one Shilka by bomb, another two by LAW and the last one was destroyed by my man. T80 and BMP (in video destroed by bombs) destroed my men too. Than I destroy SCUT by LAW. (It was ready to lunch in this moment.) Than I call tanks and Cobras. Cobras did their job really very well and they destroyed a most of enemy tanks in Area. Machineguns of T80 shot down both Cobras. My tanks destroy last tanks, one M1 died but 2x M1 arrived in the middle of rail. My team killed rest of enemy men from the hill.
This mission took a lot of time but the result was gladdening. :)

Author — z4ky1991


You can go to ''hill''.kill soldiers group, and destroy scud by law launcher, and return to base

Author — EudenisRD


I loved the am with grenade launcher from the spet natz

Author — General George S. Patton Jr.


I used a way arround a T-80 and BMP, sadly when i told the team to come they got killd by Spetz Natz and i was gunned down by a SHILKA

Author — FluffyHashChannel


Of all the games I love, this one always manage to stay firmly in my top-ten. I really can't put my finger on why, but I think it is the realism and balance of the game. Maybe the learning-curve and variety has something to do with it aswell.

Author — Roger Fredriksson


man I loved this game. It was my first pc game ever and it was one of the best!!

Author — The Bro


This game was awersome, good thing bis made arma 3.

Author — Uukassiu(kenji)


Bohemia int. still best idea.
Breath fraq work co-or with heart rate.

Author — High Octane


lol doing this crazy shit and only carrying 4 magazines. That's confidence.

Author — Brandon Hewitt