Who are Hezbollah? - Truthloader Explains

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Who are Hezbollah? - Truthloader Explains 3.5

The Lebanon-based military and political organisation has been described as everything from a terrorist group and Iranian proxy, to a resistance movement and "state within a state". Laura (@_LauraMack) goes back to the very beginning and explains where Hezbollah fits in the complex jigsaw of Middle Eastern politics.

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Truth and Israel....are 2 words that shouldn't be used in the same sentence.

Author — Redbaron9495


according to me Hezbollah is not a terrorist group.
protecting their nation from Zionists is terrorism.
the new definition of terrorism( acc to US and Israeli journalists ) is acting against the interests of USA and Israel.

Author — Jai Hind


Wait a second. So Hezbollah killed Rafik Al-Hariri? And this channel is called Truthloader? Israel killed Rfik Al-Hariri to make a war between Muslim Shia and Sunnis, but it didn't happen.

Author — Meh Gusta


Hezbollah takes pride in being on America's and Europe's blacklist. The fact they're being deemed terrorists for defending their country from the illegitimate state of Izrael is a joke.

Author — Ali C


There is no T in Shia, even if you spell it as shiite, the t is silenced...

Author — ElitistMagi


You guys are very I'll informed. I'm sorry to say that, don't get me wrong you're correct in some ways but other points are totally wrong.

Author — Mohammad Hijazi


stop capturing hezbollah as terrorists, they made victory to leb and without them leb would be now a state for isreal, god bless these fighters <3

Author — هادي


hezbollah??? the best army in the world, , , , even israel n isis scared with them, , they were always ready to die for their leader, , , god bless u all bro.

Author — John Yasco


Labaik Ya Hussain(as) Labaik Ya Hizbullah Labaik ya Nasrullah.

Author — Syed Raza


I thought Assad was an Alawite Muslim?

Author — SirGrips


Fun fact: The president of Syria, Bashar al assad actually belongs to a alawite sect which the monority in Syria. So he isn't shiate If you got that basic fact wrong then who knows what other facts you may have got wrong. just saying.

Author — nezzo lightheart


IOF killed more than 5000 Lebanese civillians already before Hezbollah existed. Why are the IOF than not seen as terrorists?

Author — Computer Insurgent


so where the part where you tell the truth?

Author — Ahmed Saleh


How do I stop your channel from appearing in my recommended ones? I'm really sick and tired of seeing you there.

Author — Vmt16


That was a pretty even handed presentation. Thanks.

Author — D Jones


You could subscribe, then we'll only appear in your feed.

Author — Point


"Never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake." Napoleon.

Author — Scalpking47


Very instructionnal video. Thanks for the unbiaised view on this resistance group fighting against zionism and imperialism.
USA and Israel are the terrosist states. Spreading their propaganda by any means.
Good job Truthloader. I subscribed to your channel.

Author — 1cognito


Thank you for explaining, that makes sense.

Author — allbiz2k10


first of all why are using religions to describe hezbollah shia and such secondly asaad is notan shia he is an alawi to add if hezbolah didn't fight in syria isis would have cruising the streets of lebanon last but not least in the matter of Israel who takes our land we take his life

Author — Bugsy Karkaba