Lems Leather Boulder Boots ◦ Barefoot Boots

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*Available in HD - Krik of Black Owl Outdoors takes a look at all new, all leather Boulder Boots from Lems Shoes.

*In the name of full disclosure, Lems Shoes did send us these boots to test out and evaluate.


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The blue tint overlaying your video makes it difficult for me to get an idea of what the leather on the boots actually looks like in real life.

Author — ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ


Barefoot and minimalist shoes are slowly taking over in my life. I"d buy a pair of these leather Lems if they were indeed able to be truly waterproofed - kinda odd that the seams (according to reports I've read/seen) just cant seem to be dressed to make them proofed. If Lems remedies this, I'll be on board.
(And they also gotta ditch that cotton lining, as you mention.)

Author — Eyewanders Foto


So good to see you guys doing what you do. Appreciate the insights. I have some barefoot shoes that are wearing well, but sadly are not terribly practical when it comes time to re-sole.

Author — EspoDesk


Glad you guys are back. Can you do do a video about the clothing you wear? I like your shirts in particular..thanks!!

Author — Dave Edward


These boots look great! I'm in the process of transitioning into exclusively zero-drop and hope to go as minimalist as possible eventually. These look like they'll fit my "hiking" slot!

Author — Aaron Esquibel


Nice and welcome back, please do more of those shoes reviews, i am looking for shoes that have a good grip on slippery stones, here in Norway we have a lot of rocks too and a lot of wet days and swamps up in the mountains, so a shoe with a good grip would be perfect. special for people as me that are almost 24/7 out in the wild.

Author — Bushman 412


Hey thanks for the review! I can't wear shoes with arch support, they injure my feet. Everything I wear currently is zero drop, but I really needed a good leather boot to tromp through the woods with. I've been waiting for someone I trust to do a good review on these boots. I'm sold now, and will be picking a pair up. Thank you!

Author — N. Reese


Good to see another video. Keep'em coming, guys!

Author — Scott Koenig


Those are some nice boots. I've been looking for a lighter boot than my Redwings for light wear. Glad to see you on the vid. Turtle out😁

Author — Bump Staggers


Love the general style...i`m wearing boots almost everyday in south of Brazil, its winter time! :)

Author — Lucas Franco


Great content and review buddy. It's just good having you back. Thanks again, Krik. -Shane

Author — amgolfer


What’s up brother I wish I would of watched this vid a long time ago!!! Miss you brother we need you back and need you and your knife and carving vids

Author — Bigfoot Bushcraft


I watched your first review on these boots and I liked them but wasn't able to get a pair until now ! I ended up ordering the Timber model like the pair you had on in your first review I like these leather ones in this review but maybe they'll be a little too hot for summer use . Thanks for sharing 👍🏻

Author — Brandon A.


I'd love to see a review of the Hanwag Tatra

Author — watsyurdeal


I have a pair of Lems shoes. Really love them. They do feel like you are walking barefooted. Thanks for the boot review.

Author — Marty Becker


I have the regular boulder boots. They are amazing.

Author — Frank Ollis


Did not know there were minimalist boots. Thank you!!

Author — sarahdelano


I'm a big fan of Belleville Boots minimalist tactical line. They're extra wide at the toebox, zero drop, and have a luggy vibram sole. Did some Adirondack hiking a couple weeks ago and they were fantastic on rocks and slippery surfaces.

Author — Alex Petz


Thanks for the review. I see that you’re wearing EU 44’s in this model. How does it compare to your US athletic shoe size? I typically wear a US 11 is Asics and Nike? I’ve fit in EU 44’s in other shoes but the Lems size chart is recommending 45’s to US 11’s.

Author — Nick Siebenmorgen


Hey Krik, have you ever read "Born to Run"? I have a feeling you have, but if not you should definitely check it out. You would enjoy it.

Author — Brian Sandoval