Kid Rock - Full Concert - 07/24/99 - Woodstock 99 East Stage (OFFICIAL)

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Kid Rock - Full Concert
Recorded Live: 7/24/1999 - Woodstock 99 East Stage (Rome, NY)

0:00:00 - Intro
0:03:50 - Bawitdaba
0:11:09 - Devil Without A Cause
0:17:00 - Welcome To The Party
0:17:44 - I Am The Bullgod
0:23:40 - Balls In Your Mouth
0:25:55 - Somebody's Gotta Feel This
0:32:42 - Fortunate Son
0:37:08 - Cowboy
0:44:54 - My Name Is Rock
0:54:39 - Intrumental

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One of the greatest entrances of all time.

Author — laudanum669


He's the only artist that can combine all kinds of music in his playing ( metal, rap, hip-hop, rock, funk, country and everything else ). He rocks. And his band, DAMN their good!

Author — rob's garage


The good days of real music and no cell phones . Kid rock always kills it

Author — Xrp Gorilla


The 80’s and 90’s rocked!!!! No one holding phones everyone is just having fun. 2020 needs to visit 1999! He is a one man band🤟🏻👊🏻💋🍺🎸📀💵🚬💯

Author — Holly Kane


I wasn't even really into kid rock back in the day but damn does he do a good show. The energy of Woodstock 99 looked so intense. Maybe a little too intense since we all know how it ended but damn it sure looked fun as hell.

Author — Game Music Gems


I’ve seen Kid rock live more than any other form of entertainment and I can say I have always been more than shocked at how incredible of an artist performer GENUIS he truly is

Author — CHIT CHAT


Bawitdaba 7:43
Devil without a cause 11:09
Welcome to the party 17:00
I am the Bullgod 17:55
Balls in your mouth 23:40
Somebody’s gotta feel this 25:55
Tittes 32:34
Fortunate son 32:46
Yee Haw/ Cowboy 36:54
My name is rock 44:56
Instrumental 49:57

Author — TheGeorgia Boy


That lead up to Kid coming out and yelling his name was epic.

Author — Shawn Tannehill


This concert killed every trace of coronavirus in my town..thank you kid rock

Author — DeeJay StrObe


Kid rock entered the stage like a wwe wrestler

Author — jzimmerman1229


Kid Rock is quite the musician in his own right!

Author — Aka, The Doggie-Woggie & Animal Whisperer-Reasoner


Kid in his prime...before he went all country. Great performance!

Author — Tyrell Scott


My guy took 7 minutes to walk out in a full fur coat and hat in 110 degree weather, respect.

Author — Jimmy Tweedale


22 years ago! This aged well. I remember Kid Rock playing at "woodstock" was controversial. Looking back on it... This was awesome!

Author — My Life - Your Entertainment


What a great weekend, two girls pissed off the stairs of the busses, lost two of our friends, blotter acid kicked in when we stepped off the bus onto the grounds and greeted by two dreadlocked dudes with more earrings and face rings than humanly possible that said “welcome to the show”.... Kings X, Candlebox and the Kid Rock Band were incredible gifts.
Thanks Woodstock
Never forget this show, packet store ran out of booze, shopping cart vendors trading beer for weed, tents sliding in the rain, crow-boy on top of ports-potties minutes before they toppled, water bottle raid, deer running through the crowds, naked hippies and boobs everywhere, everyone enjoying themselves even when it all fell apart...I hope to see you again Kathy and Lindsey xxoo
And So much more...

Author — Ndow Roccus


Went to my first Kid Rock concert in Cincinnati 4 or 5 years ago and it was insane. I been to a lot of concerts but this one was the most fun by far. Forever time stamped in my memory.

Author — Brandon Walters


When you want to ROCK, no one rocks harder then KID ROCK and his band.

Author — buster3439


One of his greatest shows if not the greatest of them all... Just look at him having it his way! What a great guy.

Author — Van Poll


WOW!! HE WAS ONLY 28 YEARS OLD AT WOODSTOCK 99, and what a show. Especially when he showed his talent playing all instruments and orchestrating the band and audience. He was in total control of EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in that arena. There's nothing he can't do--FOR as he says, I FELT

Author — Lynn Lucas


The late 90's was when America was at it's best and at it's peak. We'll never see times like those ever again

Author — Brandon B