Marlon Mack 2017 Rookie Highlights

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Marlon Mack's 2017 Stats
- 358 Rushing Yards
- 3 Rushing Touchdowns
- 225 Receiving Yards
- 1 Receiving Touchdown

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Best Colts account on YouTube hands down. We gotta bright future in these guys, a new coach, plus our #3 draft pick. Can’t wait to see what we do this offseason

Author — Hingle McDingleBerry


The stiff arm on Clowney was the highlight of his season. Most people think he's just a speedster but he's STRONG too.

Author — Kooda


That stiff on on Clowney though, damnnn! Great way to top off a great rookie season.

Author — coltsgotluck


Can't wait to see who Ballard drafts in a few months 👀

Author — Sapphire Star


Give this young man some carries this season. He's a dynamic player. I have faith in the new coaching staff, and I believe they will turn him loose.

Author — Cobretti


Marlon Mack was crazy good in college, GO BULLS 🤘

Author — Diego D


I remember watching Mack’s scouting videos last season pre draft and I thought he had PLENTY of juice, but wondered if he could hit holes through the A & B gap in the NFL. He showed that right away in his 1st preseason game against Dallas and shined despite limited touches in his 1st season. Colts have a good thing in Mack and my opinion would be better served to find him a complementary RB with elusiveness, size, hands, and good on grass (away games). Not necessarily a thunder & lightning, but 1-2 punch nonetheless. Prospects: Nick Chubb, Royce Freeman, Rashaad Penny, and Kalen Ballage or Free agents: Jeremy Hill, Carlos Hyde, and Isaiah Crowell. NO SAQUON BARKLEY!!!

Author — Jazzmine & John Anderson


I remember going to the USF games and watching him destroying defenses

Author — solecollector69


I can’t wait to see what he can do when he gots 20 carry’s a game

Author — matt perez


Hell of a draft class for this team. I'm getting this Man's jersey.

Author — GJ Brown


Excited for the future with Mack. I hope McDaniels maximizes this guy’s talent.

Author — Wyatt McCann


FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO DRAFT BARKLEY, WE CAN STILL FIND GREAT RBS IN THE SECOND ROUND (LOVE, GUICE, ADAMS)! We will still have a dynamic 1-2 punch of Mack and the second round rb. Bradley Chubb is a generational talent that we NEED to get since pass rush aids the secondary. I promise you this decision will be great

Author — Kushiwawah


Colin keep up the great work man! Best account on here

Author — Gibbons Co


We have Chris Ballard and his recruiting team and I believe they will do a excellent job during the draft this year. You see how he got us Marlon Mack. In Chris Ballard we believe in.

Author — ZachRatedR LL


I love how he's so elusive and speedy which you can clearly see in the games and as the commentary says. Yet EA is making him one of the slower backs in madden 19

Author — Colt97


Could watch this kids highlights all day. He reminds me of Le’Veon Bell

Author — Sean Singleton


Had a lot of classes with him back at USF and we would talk football all the time. He is way more mentally smart than people realize and he's a damn good guy. He's going to be huge for the Colts next year

Author — Mark Uebelacker


Can’t wait to see what Marlon Mack can do as a starter for the Colts this season since Frank Gore has now gone to the Miami Dolphins

Author — Jason Jones


I love Marlon but I'm gonna be pissed if it comes out that he waited until just now to have shoulder surgery.

Author — Smooth_McGroove


This kid has got what it takes to be great. He honestly reminds me of a young Edge, with his size and playing style. He has some Shady in him as well. He’ll get the blocking down, the rest of his game has big time potential. Also, I bet he comes back in April closer to 220, than his listed 210 at the beginning of the season. The extra muscle will help with enduring the season as a starter. Really stoked on Mack. One of my favorite draft picks in a while. Go Colts!

Author — Carner09