Moon Guard Goldshire w/ My Role Play *Mature Content*

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  • ℹ️ Published 11 years ago

*Please be warned this movie contains mature language and themes*

I did what a lot of WoW gamers are too afraid to do. I ventured onto the realm of Moonguard and into the Goldshire Tavern and saw things that should probably never be seen. This movie is best watched while looking at the text in chat, windows, and nameplates.

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That moment when you recognize a guildmate who's dancing naked in a moon guard video...

Author — asdlom


I feel sorry for the people from the servers that got merged with Moonguard and didn't even knew this existed.

Author — gốc


ok.. this was.. one of the absolutely best morning laughs i had for awhile. you girls reading mrp stuff made my day :)

Author — Jeszebel black


I made a Night Elf and went there once. Laughed my ass off. But the nightmares will never fade.

Author — Saerise


This is just hilarious and fascinating! xD Look at the chat and surrounding characters too!

Author — Daniel Beisly


I was speaking to the creator of MRP today, and she said that she felt that sometimes "My AddOn is abused by some, but at the end of the day, if this is how they chose to spend their RP, or ERP experiance, so be it." which I think is a fair statement. She also mentioned to me about Moonguard-US and how badly it's gotten - she doesn't accept it on this sort of level.

Author — Lee Bristow


Omg I thought the ERP thing was just a myth, and I did some research and found out that this server "moonguard" is the ERP server go-to. Needless to say I laughed my ass off when I found this video.

Author — noobkaka567


As a Roleplayer, I will put to our defense that Goldshire is frowned upon even by us.

Author — Chropki


I loved when people pulled shit in from other zones that killed all the ERPers.. These knobs would get SO pissed off.. I would then troll general chat and run around with my Toy Train Sets and enrage them some more.

Author — Geno2733


if you havent been to moonguard you havent experience the whole gamexD

Author — Bubbleshere


You should sit in on some of the roleplays on Moonguard that take place in the city of stormwind. Especially inside the cathedral.

Author — Jeffrey Coley


Probably one of the best things Ive seen in a long long time!

Author — EchoedPulse


My friend wondered why i made a Human warlock on Moonguard and went to level in Darnassus instead of Elwynn Forest.
Someone send him this video.

Author — panvil


Logged on to Moon Guard one day to see what it was all about.... Did the human starting zone... Walked to Goldshire.... Logged off in shock... Made a Blood Elf DK.

Author — miss_j_44


always an interesting experience visiting moon guard

Author — YoureSoCreezy


Kind of happy that I'm on the EU servers. At least my curiosity won't drag me to Moon Guard (which it probably would at some point if I had the chance to kill my braincells).

Author — Emz092


I wonder how the dark deeds of Moon Guard's Goldshire started...

Author — Silvar


@stormdragon42 It's representative of what the title says, Moonguard Goldshire. It's not meant to be representative of your server as a whole, which I'm sure is pretty normal outside of this. They should station GMs around monitoring that stuff 24-7 and have people at least keep it out of general say chat and trade chat. The MRP ERPers can just keep it there and not disturb everyone else. It is probably one of the most awesome things in wow to see that many people in the tavern. I was floored.

Author — Jamarina


That was GS on an extremely slow day. Usually there is barely enough space to walk on the bottom floor without going through someone

Author — BlackKat1112


I'm a role-player from Runescape...there we literally describe every muscle we move :D
I was wondering if in WOW it's the same thing..

Author — Tutti Frutti