Putin visits his former KGB boss on his 90th birthday

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Putin visits his former KGB boss on his 90th birthday 5

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his former KGB colleagues visited an ex-East Germany station chief to wish their former boss well on his 90th birthday.

RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.

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I bet the old man knows who killed Kennedy

Author — Mik1248


In Russia, kissing a fellow comrad isn’t gay

Author — General Captain


Sees Putin: "Oh do you finally need the nuke launch codes?"
Sees media immediately after: "OH I MEAN YES ITS MY BIRTHDAY THANK YOU"



Ex-boss: "so how are you doing?"
Putin: "well, my walk becomes meme and i'm fine with it"

Author — Khalil wow


Probably one of the only men in the world that has enough dirt on Putin to terrify him

Author — MrBrown BearMan


When you think Putin is badass, remember that guy trained him. Wouldn't wanna mess with him even in his 90's

Author — Necronlord2011


Putin: "Remember all those people we sent to the gulug lmao"

Author — Rodrigo Alvarez-Cobarruvias


hey boss i am going to visit you
i know
i know you know
i know you know i know

Author — Cheng Mike


plot twist: the old guy is actually putin from the future

Author — freeze freeze


“Remeber when you tried to place a hit on me for trying to retire?”

“Oh, yeah. Good times...”

Author — Justin


People: Putin visits his KGB Boss

Me: A brave soviet soldier visits his Soviet mentor on his birthday

Author — ww1metaldetecting


He doesn't look like 90 years old, he looks like 70.

Edit: Guys, please stop sending me messages like "You haven't seen a 70 year old in your life" and "You are drunk". *IT WAS JUST A COMPLIMENT.*

Author — Proffessional Dankmemer


a real man won't forget his teacher

respect for Mr Putin from Indonesia

Author — ६३६ക്ദജ ഗീ


Imagine the secrets and coverups this guy knows.

Author — brian bui


I bet the KGB BOSS HAD a cyanide pill in his mouth the whole time just in case .

Author — Emerald Lx


Putin meets his boss while the western media barks in background

Author — Lonewolf 11


Just imagine that you trained Putin, imagine that. Then when you are old, he comes to your house and gives you a present. I don’t like Putin, but that was a true act of kindness

Author — Helmer Steamson 15


1:13 this is exactly how I imagined *laughing in Russian*

Author — JJ


“This is an officer’s gift, nothing special”
**casually pulls out Makarov pistol”**

Author — BigMan Olen


00:35 The guy who packed that thing is dead😂

Author — CroixFrozy