Chevy Bolt EV Final Thoughts

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 months ago

Sandy gives his final thoughts on the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV.

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Please keep the buttons! Definitely better to have multiple options then be only dependent on the screen.

Author — pioneer7777777


I own a Model 3 -- but I still want GM to sell tons of these - so that they are motivated to iterate and improve, and prove to people that moving to an EV isn't a big deal.

Author — apl175


Great point from Sue about the gap in the market for smaller, less complicated, sufficient range, lower price EV cars. Here in Europe that space was only really filled by MG and Renault for a while but that is changing with new Asian imports.

Author — Anthony Jewell


Well, it really seems she forgot to set the one-pedal driving mode!

When active, the Bolt EV does not glide at all. It is especially strong, let alone if you pull the steering "regen" button to make it even more aggressive. It's to the point where you won't even touch the brake pedal. The car comes to a full stop in pretty short distances.

And in 2022, the one-pedal driving also works in reverse - where it did not in previous model-year.

Author — Christian O.


I own a 21 model and it is the best commuter car I've ever had. if the DC fast charging happened at 100kw instead of 50kw it would be the perfect car for me. Yes I've been driving it long enough now that I don't even think about range any more.

Author — Lloyd Adkins


GM should thank you for this review. It’s the best advertising for the Bolt I’ve seen. In fact I might just get one next year.

Author — Minh Nguyenm


Sandy, Sue, you missed the best part of the Bolt: the brake paddle on the left of the steering wheel which gives you instant access to full regenerative braking. I love it. I've owned and have driven a lot of EVs, but this is by far the best regenerative system out there.

Author — Ted Lloyd


Finally, an EV that people can afford! With a federal tax credit, this car will be well within the reach of the average American buyer. If GM can continue to improve this car, it will be able to compete with the Chinese when their cars arrive in the US. GM is going to sell a lot of these cars, and I would venture to guess that this car becomes a mainstay in the American market. Nice job GM!

Author — Ferniez


I appreciate that Sandy is able to say when, he is wrong.

Author — Ashis Das


I think the buttons make sense. The interior layout is familiar to GM drivers. Going from ICE to EV was a big adjustment and having a layout that I was familiar with helped. I think the Bolt is the best car out there, ICE or EV, for the money.

Author — Steven


She should do more commentary. Smart & entertaining.

Author — Angel Matos


The Bolt is a great commuter car. I've expensed many miles for work in it, and it during the school year it saves at least a dollar of gas a day. It's surprisingly fast from a roll, and it makes our ICE car feel sluggish, despite it's 300+hp.

Author — K Moni


I had a Volt, loved it. Its what opened my eyes to EVs and made me realize that electric is the way to go. Sold it when the warranty ran out as I have very little confidence in GM service or support. Their stealerships are in business to rip you off. These are not vehicles you are going to repair yourself. Be interesting to see long term battery reliability. GM is giving this away to try to gain market share. I doubt they are making much if any profit. Good thing they are in bed with the government on this. Enjoyed the review, keep up the good work!

Author — jeff baldwin


Great to have you on again, Sue. I always enjoy hearing from you! What you choose to address and how you phrase your thoughts is unique and brings significant value to the show. Thank ye kindly, ma'am.

Author — dennis blevins


Had the car for over a year now, love pretty much everything about it. perfect amount of range for me, charge at home so i dont need the best peak performance when it comes to charging speeds. only real gripe is the center armrest and the piano black everywhere

Author — MrClam


Thanks Sue and Sandy for your honest review. There are so many people that will automatically say a car is a "pos" by the price point. Sue thanks for your prospective, Sandy can get a little caught up by a car not being the best in design. Sometimes simple is good and cheaper to repair.

Author — Robert


From a user point of view, I've had Chevy Bolts from the first model year and, unlike this gentleman, absolutely love them. They are fast, highly maneuverable especially in the city, have great visibility, and are super easy to drive. About that. I don't like the change to buttons for shifting. The center lever they have had since the first model year is, from a human factors point of view, fantastic. It is extremely easy to shift in and out of one pedal driving without looking anywhere but at the road. In some types of city driving this is absolutely essential unless you want to be on your brakes or unless you want to constantly be on your accelerator all the time. I would not buy this car with the push button shifting because it removes from the user great utility in shifting in and out of one pedal driving. This system as it was, was much superior to Tesla, Hyundai, Ford Mach E, and many of the others. Shifting in and out of one pedal driving easily is very important unless you want to be constantly either on the excelerator or hitting your brakes. All in all I have found the Bolt over the last five years a complete pleasure to drive, especially in stop and go city environments. And in summer temperatures, it is not uncommon to get over 300 miles of range in my 2020 Bolt.

Author — George C


There are lots of times that I get into my car and don’t want it to “start”. I very much prefer a start button, and a physical key for that matter. I don’t want my car to unlock because I come near it, I’ll unlock it when I want it unlocked. All of these new ideas are cool in there own way, but they all take resources, use energy and sometimes are inconvenient. I think of the simplicity of my Lotus Elise and wish manufacturers would push electric vehicles in that direction, less the gasoline engine. That is, much like the original Tesla Roadster.

Author — Paul Van Steenberghe


Sue is amazing. I always say this. She should be more often in these videos.

Also, I love the brutally honest style of Sandy, at the end of the video minute 15:28 when he asks you to subscribe. No common YouTube creator asks like that. But Sandy is not common.

Author — Rodolfo Yoshii


I just bought the Bolt EUV Premier Launch Edition. @ $40 out the door, with super cruise and every bell and whistle available, but I wish it had a power rear hatch. So far it's been great car with a dependable 250+ miles of range. It's not amazing, It's not a game changer, it is not neck snapping quick, but it is a solid vehicle. I wish they would have called the Bolt EUV by another name, I think it still carries some of the original Bolt stigma. But I think with the new group of Chevy EVs that will be launched and the Cadillac Lyric, I think GM is really going to bring EVs to "regular" people. If it wasn't for the regen braking or one pedal driving mode, this car is like a regular car, not some kind of Ikea experience or some type of spaceship or experimental aircraft. When I had a BMW i3, people asked me all the time, "what is that?" My Bolt EUV, doesn't get a second glance. One of the first days I had it, I was walking up to my car in the parking lot, and actually walked up to a same colored Chevy Traverse, thinking it was my Bolt EUV. If you are driving less that 250 miles a day, and have a Level 2 charger at home (my Bolt EUV came with an 8amp110/32amp 220) so you can recharge every night, I think that Chevy is making an ICE driving experience, with the ease of home charging, so you never have to waste time going to or in line at a gas station.

I really enjoy all of your videos, and even bought the i3 report when you made it available, it was amazing. Thanks again for all you do and making amazing content! And the videos with Sue are a big bonus!

Author — David E. Huerta