How The News Lies to You Every Day Yet You Never Notice

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How The News Lies to You Every Day Yet You Never Notice 5

The media uses subtle mind tricks every day to subvert the truth. This is how they do it.

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100% of all serial killers breath oxygen. Such a dangerous drug. Ban oxygen!

Author — Joseph Ybarra


"There are Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics." - Mark Twain.

Clearly we need more pirates.

Author — RedwoodTheElf


"The media loves statistics because they can be easily modified to support the narrative.."

Author — Fireteam Michael


"It's a curious thing about people in the west, because everyone claims that they don't trust the media, yet everyone believes everything the media tells them"
-Pat Condell

Author — Beni Habibi


Thoughty2 going after the mainstream media. Absolute mad lad.

Author — Martin


A year later and you can tell how dangerous this way of making “news” is.

Author — Andres Espinoza


"Allegedly" is the most overused term by the media everywhere.

Author — Brandon Gregory


I just had someone shouting at me that the COVID lockdown here in New Zealand had caused unemployment to rise to 48%. The truth was that it had risen BY 48% (from 2.8% to 4.2%). I suspect she was intentionally misled.

Author — Johan Vivier


"Does the news lie to you?" Is the sky blue? Exactly.

Author — Frank Parent


Person who doesnt watch news is uninformed

Person who watches news is misinformed

Author — ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


"His critics say..."
"Which critics? Name them"
"Well... me, for one"
"But you used the word 'critics', plural, not 'critic', so name the other ones"
"I'll see you in court"

Author — Leo Moran


It's now far worse.
One popular trick is to deliberately choose inarticulate people to express contrarian views.

Author — Andrew Cliffe


This reminds me of the Dihydrogen Monoxide troll. Some people managed to almost convince a Californian authority to ban this substance.

Dihydrogen Monoxide is the fancy name for water.

Author — Jahin Z.


Even the first time Hitchkock's smile seemed rather creepy.

Author — Syncerus Caffer! Caffer!! voorheen Dr. Wier


Statistics show that everyone who drinks water eventually dies.

Author — Doug Mayberry


This stuff should be taught early in every school.

Author — Francisco Xavier


Its even more obvious when the media happens to talk about something you know a lot about, how much bullsh1t they spew.

Author — Honkler


This is one of your best ones yet - the moustache is clearly giving you power-ups

Author — Robson Stroud


My favorite linguistic trick is when the word " Reportedly" is used in headlnes.

Author — Charles


Such a high quality channel. You're so smart!

Author — EddieStyle