Conservative attacked on UC Berkeley campus speaks out

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Conservative attacked on UC Berkeley campus speaks out 5
Police are searching for the man seen punching conservative activist Hayden Williams on Berkeley's campus. #Hannity #FoxNews

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not a clip or mention on CNN, NBC, ABC. CBS, MSNBC tonight.

Автор — heyheyhe0011


Berkeley needs to be shut down it's a communist anti-American training camp

Автор — lastboyscout


time to sue berkeley for $250 million dollars too.

Автор — Peter the Great


Time to step up and defend yourselves from anarchists.

Автор — dutchsinse


Unlike Jussie Smollett,
This hate crime was real and caught on camera.

Автор — RickK RocKStar


If a MAGA hat wearer would punch a leftist, he/she would be already in jail and a loud outcry through the fake news media.

Автор — woodsman forlife


The left has to make up violence against them. Meanwhile actual violence against the people who support Trump is real.

Автор — Tony Clifton


Screw the witnesses ... the video is proof enough ... no one has a right to lay their hands on you no what your political views are.

To bad this wasn't in my state where they are probably going to pass a bill for concealed carry on campuses!

We already have Constitutional Carry ... and guess what ... the crime rate has dropped because criminals know that most citizens are tired of being victimized by thugs and the libtarded justice system hence they are now armed and ready to fill their asses full of lead if need be.

Its amazing how an armed public recreates that thing that use to be known as RESPECT towards one another.

Автор — Weaver Cattle Company


We're fascist but liberals attack us when we express our views, makes sense.

Автор — Infowars Re-Uploaded


I’m so sick of the left getting away with this

Автор — Michele Abbot


I don't consider myself dem or rep but the left has freaking lost me for good. Haven't voted in a long time, but seriously considering voting against dems in 2020.

Автор — Scott Sabre


Arrest, convict, jail, rinse repeat. Show violent criminals how much money it costs to get sued for assault and battery. Civil litigation all day long.

Автор — Tink Ertime


The attacker is a lot bigger than the victim. A real brave guy. With all the evidence and pictures, why ain't the perp already arrested.

Автор — Magnum Dash


I wish I was there to have this guys back. I would've helped I'm sorry that no one had the balls to!

Автор — J Man


The leftist screams "you're promoting hate, intolerance and violence" as he assaults you for having different beliefs.

Автор — Aurelius


UC Berkeley is always in the news for the wrong reasons



It is now Saturday and have not heard that this individual has been arrested. Guess the Berzerkly police don’t work weekends. Somebody send them a yearbook.

Автор — Stan Childs


No federal funds (loans, grants, etc.) to the students or faculty of UC Berkley. This is NOT an American University. It is a terrorist camp where opposing views are not tolerated.

Автор — Zozo plays


Leftists are the most intolerants persons in USA, Canada, France, England, Germany,

Автор — FRANCK B


If every Trump supporter wore a MAGA hat for just one day, civil war would break out with a few hours.

Автор — Levels Of Rage