Gate ost 03 Aitou ~ Tatakaisunde Hi ga Kurete

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When this music plays, imagine this.

The first Japanese Self Defense Force casualty is carried back through the Gate, his barren body immured in the cold steel of a Human Remains Transfer Case. The flag of Japan is draped over it, crisp, clean, and neatly tucked, the precision of the folds typical of Japanese attention to detail.

The young paratrooper was mortally wounded when multiple arrows struck him in the battle of the Capital. His comrades dragged his body back only to find that nothing could be done, and he died in a foreign land, under the foreign stars, thinking of nothing but home.

Author — Trevor Anderson


Itami in retirement walks through his house to get something over there
The camera pans over to walls of the house which is covered in photos of his time in the special region
Several memoirs of the gang and such
A portrait of recon team and gang painted in the special region
Newspaper clipping of the closing of the gate
Can't go any further for now
Someone do a chain continuation

Author — Kyaw Thu


Como Quiero Más Temporadas de este Anime mis amigos. Todo en esta Historia es Genial. Gracias.

Author — Maryu Daiku


Sounds sad as hell

( I feel like crying a bit)

Author — colkillervin :3


I can imagine this playing as Japan is forced under international pressure to withdraw from the special region, just as Zorzal has mustered enough strength to overwhelm the Imperial remnants loyal to the Emperor and Pina.

Itami sits in his room, frustrated that the JSDF must abandon his allies on the eve of battle. He wonders what to do. If he stays, there is no going back until a diplomatic solution is reached to reopen the Gate, and also knows of the possibility of dying before the Gate could reopen. If he leaves, he would be abandoning all of his friends and would most certainly be left to a terrible fate.
He of course chooses the latter. He gives a long monologue to his superiors and friends present on why he must stay, ending it by saying it's not about winning or losing, but doing the right thing.

Author — Nelly Atami


It feels like itami and his Grp watching the sun set over the special region, smiling, with not a care in the world

Author — Sir Commander


I don't have enough energy to be nice to everybody!

Author — Nikhil Subba


I have no idea why this song is saved as a file on my device for a year now. I don’t remember saving anything like this :l

Author — BASTION


does anybody know the song in s2 e14 starts like 10:00

Author — RxGvH


Where is did used? It sounds like one of the main themes but really sad ; - ;

Author — ADT


plz quiero like, al menos si pasa por aqui dame like

al menos

Author — Alazzard