Hair Braiders In New Jersey Are At Constant Risk Of Losing Their Jobs (HBO)

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Hair Braiders In New Jersey Are At Constant Risk Of Losing Their Jobs (HBO) 5
Hair braiders in many states across the country are at constant risk of massive fines and losing their jobs.The primary reason: state cosmetology boards. Over the past several decades, these boards have lobbied to require licensing for braiding services, despite offering little training in the discipline or justifying why a non-invasive, non-chemical method needs to be so heavily regulated. Now hair braiders and politicians are fighting back against policies they claim disproportionately affect immigrant women of color. VNT goes to one of the states at the center of the debate: New Jersey.

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“What are you in for?”
“I was braiding hair without a license. Hbu?”
“I killed a man.”

Author — I’m Confused


maybe a sanitation class and for different scalp/hair problems for about $1000 but not nearly $20000.
that’s crazy.

Author — AJFB FOXY


When I went to cosmetology school it cost me $10, 000. 😭😭 And after working as a hair stylists for 2 yrs, I realized that I absolutely hated it! Such a waste of money. Also, people have a misconception that it's really easy to pass the course. But, about 60% of people end up dropping out and never making it through the entire program. In the beginning it's all books, tests and learning a lot of medical terminology. It's not easy at all! And the state board exams are even worse!

Author — Aida M.


i do believe braiding shouldnt have to follow the cosmetology laws, but braids that are too tight CAN cause damage to the scalp. hair braiding should be in a category on its own !

Author — Lulu


That old man had no idea what the topic of conversation was

Author — Flaca Diabla


That old man was having his own conversation lmao

Author — Annie Pearl


So y’all putting her on blast !!! And she’s illegal

Author — Taylor 4582


They should have some form of license... Not full cosmetology school...But some form of a short license just like a food handler's license...



I went to hair school. SANITATION IS VERY IMPORTANT. You need to know how to keep from spreading germs and disease. Properly cleaning and disinfecting utensils. Not just sitting them in barbercide without being rinsed off when soiled. Those lecture hours are important. Its not just about braiding hair, its also dealing with your customers health. With if the customer has an allergic reaction? Proper training should be required.

Author — Serita Hill


The license isn't the problem. Paying 15k+ to get a license that has nothing to do with your profession is the problem. They should require health and safety courses for an affordable price. Or let braiders elect a board or chairperson from their peers to implement requirements for a new certification.

Author — JacJac009


I love the African braid shops but they definitely need to be licensed. Cosmology school doesn’t just teach styles. It teaches about bacteria, proper washing techniques. It’s teaches about the skin and scalp. Everything you would want someone to know that is doing your hair. Did you see how she was ripping the interviewer hair apart? Braiding is their gift not know about the hair and scalp which is what they need to be taught.

Author — mychynadoll06


lil shawty look kinda good in them cornrows

Author — jayani


'How long have you been doing hair?'
'Uhhh, '
''Since Christ was a little boy!'

Author — Shondra Moore


Nobody is talking about how beautiful the interviewer is? Like damn 😍😍

Author — Isabel Stares


If you cannot teach me how to braid wtf am I going to school for?

Author — Lola Bee


Where she at cus I need my hair done lol

Author — Nisa Elizabeth


Braided should be licensed to know about the conditions of the scalp.

Author — mary janes baby


Chile when she said "we have a gift, that nobody can take from us" I felt that in my spirit sis cause I can't braid to save my life 😂😂

Author — Maya Miles


Well after I done seen ppl hair and the sanitary concerns in some braid shops a certification would be nice. For example I seen shops not clean Combs or hair and spread stuff in braid shops 😷 which gives me the heeby jeebys and I seen shops snatch women's literally something has to be done!! Like a quick course on how to actually take care of hair in a healthy manner And for the prices some shops charge it wouldn't hurt to have something letting ppl know I have this credential but feel free to enlighten me about why a braider should not be licensed ....maybe not a full extensive class like Cosmo but a shorter version possibly specifically for braiders ...but I don't do hair so I'm not 100% knowledgeable

Author — KeepingItKASEY


They should be licensed. It’s more than just braiding hair. If your are not properly sanitizing your combs and brushes that’s a problem that’s how things are spread. Just wiping a comb and putting it in the next persons head is nasty. Also one needs to know the different types of infections when doing someone’s hair. Certain infections shouldn’t be worked on.

Author — Latasha Phillips