5 Creative DIY ideas With DC Motor - Compilation

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5 Creative DIY ideas With DC Motor - Compilation 4.5
Hi Friends, here are some of the UNIQUE DC motor projects that you may have not seen.
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Video Presented by: Sriram Benur

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Author — A2C Arts And Crafts


bhaiya ap ka ides bhote accha ha thanks you for dis video 👈👈👈💪👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👐👐

Author — vivek vivek


Just make sure you have an excuse after the fan breaks out 7:02

Author — Nazmul Hossain


Where do you get the propellers from, I’m working on a project now that requires multiple, yet cant find any

Author — Matt Goode


Sir please make a simple generator project with magnets please sir

Author — JK IDEAS


Last one was the best rest of all are common

Author — New Discoveries


Это пиз..ц...
Нахрена это все? Еще так эдак в девяностых когда ни игрушек ни каких то вещей небыло, логично... Хотя нет.. не логично
Нах.. таких диайвайщиков

Author — Олег Олег


Well, although as a bmxer, the car just seemed like a waste of 4 perfectly good free coasters that just needed a little sanding to get the rust off. But otherwise, the rest of your ideas were pretty creative

Author — color your world


6:50 congratulations you made an electric Fly 🤦🏼‍♂️

Author — Yossef Khaled


are u working with brushed dc motor and it looks great ..I want to build a powered hang glider can u guide me

Author — Mustafa Jaan


A welder is used to combine metal pieces

Not super glue

Author — The Far Side of Youtube


Bhai 1 wala hack ma jo AP na light use ki hai wo to DC hai or mara kahayal ma Jo Motor hoti hai To current produce karti hai or AC current sa DC light nai chal sakti.

Author — Umer Awan


Изолента на супер клей? Серьезно? Можно было прямо к столу все клеят.

Author — Собрался


Aare bro in first episode of video instead of connecting to motor directly connect to the battery. This will be more efficient bcz motor will not use current.

Author — Lal Kumari Khatiwora


At 2:05 all he has built is a 1930's type motor generator set to go from a low DC voltage to a higher DC voltage. These were in common use in aircraft to generate high voltages for transmitters from 24 Volt and 48 Volt battery sets.

Author — Gort Newton


La ultima me pareció. La mas creativa...

Author — Amilcar Arevalo


(3:30) bro if you chain up those gears and place a cannon(uses heating element) on cart then . WOW a ...TANK...

Author — Maria Abbasi