Study: Michigan among best states at social distancing during coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

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Study: Michigan among best states at social distancing during coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis 4

According to a recent study, Michigan is among the best states in the country at social distancing, receiving an "A" grade.

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One video has doctors saying michigan has so many cases of virus because the people are not listening. then this video is saying the exact opposite.

Author — Michael Steal


Oh great, a year without a summer. Well, that happens a lot here in the U.P.

Author — Fuzzybeanerizer


Yay for Detroit! Proud of my working class people who are way too smart to ignore science. Love from Seattle

Author — kml sikhi


Social distancing wasn't even recommended until March 13th, so why does it matter that Monroe had a high travel rate between February and March 9th? More fake news preying on the non-detail oriented people...

Author — Kristin G


Ya did you notice there are NO recovered in Michigan???

Author — Essence


Michigan has high numbers so I’m not sure what to believe.

Author — Brian Longenecker


Yet we are at the top for infected states...?

Author — Amber Goachee


high marks and skid marks you make the call

Author — Lions of Israel


Because winter hibernating is standard practice in Michigan. We happily all go into our hibernating holes with our vitamin D until things pass. It’s our superpower that those warm and maxed out vitamin D people don’t have lol. They’re going crazy and we’re just watching TV...status quo 😂

Author — N Aurora


Hmmm what are they preparing us for? Martial law? This is tyranny. I haven’t met one person with the virus. Also, while everyone is staying home, the police are patrolling the streets aggressively and construction workers are putting up 5G networks which are harmful to humans and animals, airplanes are spraying toxic chemicals on us everyday... I’m not a blind sheep ..

Author — Hot Katato


How Will Detroit residents get tested at a drive-up test site if we don't have a vehicle? We have more suspected cases than anyone in the Metro-Area, Are We Being Ignored?

Author — journalsof jadednews


Detroit residents social distance all the time - its much safer.

Author — KAT


Because they declared marshall law, we face jail time and fine for not staying in the damn house.

Author — RON KING