Krewella - Be There [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 лет ago

The official music video upload was taken down maybe cuz da machine couldn't handle the KREW but we wanted u guys to be able to watch it

This song came straight from the heart and we hope you guys think of someone you have a special bond with when you listen!

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'Be There' available everywhere:

Video by:
Producer: Jayson Martinovich
Drone: Patrick Parks

Additional footage by:
Miles Evert
Rory Kramer

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This might end up being my favorite Krewella song ever. It just feels like the sisters really poured their heart and soul into this one, and it shows

Author — Arcus8


Krewella don't care too much about the shitty youtube, all the 70k views are by your real fans, we still in love with your songs 😍 keep it up and i'll support both of you till the end !!!!

Author — chakrounvisuals


FUCK YOUTUBE, I'll stream this every single second to get back all the views.

Author — 아 미2Seok


Play this at my wedding and funeral 😭😭

Author — Literally Leo


We love you Krewella... The happiness to see just one more video by u'll is endless❤😊👌#Krew forever!!

Author — Mihika Vasudevan


Krewella😍❤️ Best female dj's of all time!❤️❤️❤️

Author — Joseph mathew


Deserves way more support! Love you girls!

Author — Legacy Mixes


Please never stop making music Krewella ❤️

Author — Monique White


This is everything I want in life condensed into a music video.

Author — CR


"When life hits you hard like a train wreck. Don't you believe it'll break ya" Best lyric line in this song. Hit's hard 😁😉👌💘

Author — Rufio Sykes


just starting to know krewella, best group ever ..
Yasmin what a voice....
nailed it.

Author — Vaibhav Waghmare


Amazing song. Hope they release more soon

Author — Troy Sinclair


krewella é demais

i mma i mma be there

Author — João Pedro TV


So much talent but why so less subscribers .. They deserve a lot more anyway i will always be there Krewella 😘😘

Author — Shubham Chauhan


love this track so much.... Krewella rocks .... I love you Krewella

Author — tanzidur rahman naskhatra


Always awesome to see artists giving love to Red Rocks

Author — MXcripple


already 3 years . This song will always remain the best one ever . True art

Author — faizi ahmed


I can't stop listening to this song. it's so addictive

Author — Tanvin Anand


Keep it up krewella. I don't know why YouTube took this video down from your vevo channel. still it sounds amazing

Author — Tanvin Anand


This is a really touchy song, came directly from heart. Deep emotions carried inside. Reminded me of my beloved ones. Nice job! :)

Author — Aaish Oli