Bird Lessons (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Bird Lessons (Short Comedy Sketch) 4.5

Who here has been shitted on?

Starring Neil Bromley & Ben Kernow
Producers: Connor Snedecor & Lauris Beinerts
1st Assistant Director: Albertine Selvik
Director Of Photography: Oliver Cross
Gaffer: Charlie Barclay
Sound Recordist: Janis Sokolovskis
Production Designer: Catiana Becker
Costume Designer: Sabina Piccini
Make-Up Artist: Edie Flowers
Make-Up Assistant: Alice Fletcher-Quinnell
Editors: Creda Wilson & Connor Snedecor

Film 0.1
(c) 2016

Sometimes birds are dicks.

We made this video using:
- Dropbox. Can't live without it.
- A set of kinoflos and light panels
- Dedolight DLH4 150W
- YouTube Space London
- Sanken COS-11D Lapel Mic
- Sky Blue Colorama background
- Tree branches
- Foliage
- A few duvets and a knife (to carve them)
- Two grey swimshorts and hoodies
- One propeller hat
- Seeds, bread, begging and threats - all in vain

Birds are jerks

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Please make more videos, your stuff is original!

Author — Tommy's Puppet Lab


these guys are so talented, dry humour, perfect for Monday start

Author — william flaherty


A wise father shares invaluable life lessons with his eager son. Turns out in some aspects birds are not that different from humans.

Author — Lauris Beinerts


"5:30 in the morning" - don't bother, already awake by then.

Author — Quintus Cosinius


5:30? That would be nice, birds singing to my breakfast.

Author — Martin Henzl


I'm italian and I love watch your videos to listen your beautiful and understandable pronunciation! (And to see the amazing sketches! ☺️)

Author — pomegranatetree


I would love for you guys to upload more.

Author — poop nugget


haha loved this! Papa Bird reminds me of Bill Bailey haha

Author — Tourmaline Films


Hahaha I love the acting in this, great job

Author — Momera


Great sketch, love the style and costumes 😂👍

Author — Headjunk


Oh wow this was super funny! And so relatable XD
Glad I found this!

Author — Quinten Hyde


I thought for a moment when he said that they would have to go to the supermarket that the twist would be that they were just humans that had gone cuckoo

Author — blablablabla1991


Not as funny as your others, but still very amusing!

Author — 1n5aN1aC


I uploaded Turkish subtitle for this short and ready for your aproval. Thx in advance.

Author — Emin GÜVEN


This is great! What have you been up to lately?

Author — Douglas Slingerland


Có ai là người Việt Nam không ? Cảm ơn người dịch thuật

Author — Cine Mobi