Dear Tomorrow - Hope From Home: A letter by Nemo Martin and sent to Kenya Sterling... for you

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Part of Can We Come In?
Northern Stage & Actors Touring Company Present
Dear Tomorrow - Hope From Home
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Content information: contains strong language, recounting of experiences as a patient in a hospital ward, references to transgender discrimination, gender identity, medical prodceures and unwanted sexual advances.

In November, Actors Touring Company (ATC) launched their Signal Fires project. They commissioned three playwrights from around the globe to write a letter to tomorrow, a letter of hope, for audiences to perform in their own home.

Written in a time of uncertainty they offered the chance to create a unique moment of optimistic home theatre. As we move into 2021, the uncertainty we all thought would become more certain, hasn’t and there’s still a deep need for hope so the project lives on as we bring you Dear Tomorrow – Hope from Home…

We have partnered up with ATC to turn Dear Tomorrow into a digital project, as part of our Artistic Director's Natalie Ibu’s inaugural season.

Six writers have been commissioned to write a letter of hope that will then be performed to camera by actors from across the UK and available for you to stream for free from 22 February, as small gifts from us to you.

This letter was written by Nemo Martin and performed by Kenya Sterling (Ovalhouse's I Am)

Music composed by Beldina Odenyo Onassis

Conceived and developed by Matthew Xia & Natalie Ibu

Commissioned by Northern Stage & Actors Touring Company

There will be new letters released on the following days:
Now available:

Thu 25 Feb 2021: Chiméne Suleyman's letter, performed by Vera Chok
Fri 26 Feb 2021: Ameera Conrad's letter, performed by Ameet Chana
Sat 27 Feb 2021: Eve Leigh's letter, performed by Ann Akin