Electric Light Orchestra - Here Is the News (Official Video)

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Electric Light Orchestra - Here Is the News (Official Video) 5
Music video by ELO performing Here Is The News. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 238,846. (C) 1981 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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Have you ever had that moment when you hear an unknown song and you instantly remember it logged somewhere in your brain labeled as "awesome song"? Just had that moment.

Автор — S.M.P


Album " Time " was MEGA popular in U.S.S.R.

Автор — Gabe Newell


Cool, the first part of the music was or has been used for many years by a Dutch tv channel as 'intermezzo' tune, being heard in between every two programs. Never knew it was from ELO.

Автор — paddotk


нифига..., - прошло почти 40 лет, а я только клип увидел))) Где тот Романтик-306 на ремне вместо ручки..., где тот Портвейн..., где та беседка..., где те девочки...?)))

Автор — Sergei Filatov


in my opinion one of the most beautiful albums of E.L.O.



hé, nu weet ik eindelijk waar die mooie VPRO-tune vandaan komt😄

Автор — kikililac


I remember 3 minutes before the millennium, some channel playing this song with actual news footage from the pages of history of the past 100 years. It was stunning, then at the end of the song, it was midnight and the year 2000. Don't know if anyone has uploaded it on YouTube?

Автор — Mr Blue Sky


God, first time that I've heard this song, what a genius Jeff Lynne is...

Автор — Barrie Jackson


I absolutely love this album, it is the first album ever in my life where I loved every single song and purchased many copies over the decades because I wore them out, first 8 tracks, then cassette's, then CD's.. I just love the whole thing. no one else has ever done that for me..

Автор — Velcro's Hammer


Awesome Band, fabulous songwriting from one of the masters of our time.

Автор — Gary Haigh


2:48 Jeff Lynne's voice "I'd like to say hello to everybody."

Автор — James Duffy


Jeff always seems to be dressed great. Not too formal but not casual either.

Автор — SocialAnarchist


Самый мой любимый альбом группы "ELO" 1981 года, называется "Time". Этот трек из него...

Автор — Игорь Малахов


Jeff Lynne ist große Klasse! Ih liebe die Musik des ELO!

Автор — Werner Bluhm


Great track from the fantastic TIME album. 

Автор — Morfeo Moebious Tricerátops


I always love how visibly awkward Jeff Lynne looks in video's when his guitar is taken away from him. He doesn't look at ease. But i personally think it adds to his charm and mystery.

Автор — quaid667


No computers, no internet, no smartphones.... Just a cure for good, old rocket-lag.
(And there might be a meteor shower.)

Автор — Snowy


One of my favorite ELO songs. Actually, this is so good it is surreal. lol.

Jeff Lynn is a prodigy that can't be scaled.

Автор — SirtubalotTX


my favorite parts of this video, 1. when they are all jamming on organs and 2. when jeff sings another action filled adventure and he throws his arm out.
love me some #elo#jefflynne

Автор — Sarah McPherson


Here is the news
Coming to you every hour on the hour
(Here is the news)
The weather's fine but there may be a meteor shower.

Here is the news
A cure's been found for good old rocket lag
(Here is the news)
Someone left their life behind in a plastic bag.

Here is the news
Here is the news
Here is the news.

("Spaceworkers dispute in London today.
A lightning strike by air shuttle officers
led to over 2, 000 passengers being held up
for up to 10 hours to board flights...")

("Ten Eurotechnicians were today sentenced
by the justice computer to be banished for life
to the prison satellite Penal One...")

Here is the news
Another action filled adventure
(Here is the news)
All the worst from the world convention.

Here is the news (the very latest)
Here is the news
Here is the news
Here is the news

("... shares of Roboko Development are now climbing...")
("... a very great friend of mine...")
("... our regular scheduled programs...")
("... the latest report from the people down there...")
("... a tiny little detail...")
("... I'd like to say hello to everybody...")

Here is the news
I wanna go home, I want my baby back
(Here is the news)
I wanna go back!

Here is the news
Somebody has broken out of Satellite Two
(Here is the news....)
Look very carefully, it may be you, you, you, you...

("... the energy counsel today announced...")
("... the archbishop is waving to the crowds...")
("... the World Broadcasting Authority today announced...")
("... I think that's going to be alright, you'll have to wait & see...")
("... I'll call you back later...")

Here is the news

I'll finally listen to the song and read the lyrics :^D

Автор — phi