The life of a fly

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

A stop motion animation on the life cycle of a fly

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I work with drosophila and this was the coolest thing i saw today!

Author — Gustavo Aguilar


I love how he made it in clay and they look like bees

Author — Luka Da Cat


Bruh this is actually well made claymation

Author — SaulGoodman


Fly: runs into a grape

Me: what the

Fly: dies

Me: 😨

Author — Bob


At the begining I thought flys where's grapes

Author — Naruto uzumaki


I am weird. This was soooo satisfyingin a way that people get calmed from ASMR. I can't handle ASMR though I've tried to get the feelings from so many different types and people. They literally cause a scratching onchalk board in my nerves and I tense up. This video was interesting....but also had some strange audio calming compelling factors to it I can't articulate it well.wish I could. ASMR recipents is the only ASMR sucks and this is cooler. Even though this is about flies. Loving insects may add to the psychological soothe.

Author — Lina Bing Bing


1 year and this still has no dislikes 👏🏾

Author — Gerald Acheampong


Other: *do about things*
This guy: *flys*

Author — I have your family


boiii this is so good your animation are so intersting

Author — Lookany rétro


becarefull when you wanna eat a grape it might be a fly egg

Author — onlyy_davon


short answer: egg, annoying buzz person, some food and it starts over again and again

Author — When The Roach