See how US troops survived Iran missile attack

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See how US troops survived Iran missile attack 4.5

CNN's Arwa Damon was the first journalist to access Al-Asad US military base in Anbar province, Iraq, following an Iranian ballistic missile attack. Soldiers recounted their actions during the attack and shared their feelings of trauma in the aftermath. #CNN #News

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Where is patriot the anti-missile ?? hiding in bunker too ???😂😂

Author — mr jokers


"American forces are not use to being the receiving end of this kind of firepower..they the one who usually the one to deliver it"'s how much arrogant in it

Author — Mr X Xavier


This is one hit, imagine the Syrian people who are facing attacks like this every day almost 10 years.

Author — Adam Younis


They survived because Iran didn’t want to kill them.. easy ;)

Author — Black Diamond


Crazy how they were crying but they do this to people all the time lmaoooo

Author — Akachi Beats


They were scared even when iran said they got 6 hours till the impact 😂😂 what about the syrian kids who lived with this for 8 years now

Author — OBITO Uchiiha


This is only WARNING SHOT. Pack your bags & go back to your villagers while your legs & arms are intact.

Author — TheAztecConquistadoo


Wake up usa troops you see Iran have respect for human rights not like your evil government who do not care about you.

Author — Hubert Khaya


Iran is way too nice. They know troops have families back home but they still happened to warn them. While U.S sneaked in and lied to the general saying it's peace talk and dropped a bomb.... The difference

Author — Khalid Said


Lucky that you get a warning before it happen, and not like you do into others country for no reason.

Author — gerolddo


Imagine how the the innocent people feel in all the places the us attacks

Author — don Chilo


Lot of tears and hugging !!! Iranian missiles scared the shit out of them ..

Author — Night Mare


This was just a warning, they could have killed everyone on that base however the warning by the Iranians made the difference. All those service men and women were given a second chance at life.

Author — Amunra


U.S drops hundreds and hundreds of bombs in the middle east since 90's

12 missile is nothing in comparison.

Author — John Christopher Delegero


This is freaking hilarious, theyre' talking like they survived hell when they have been on the delivering all this time

Author — dxelson


This is how people of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lybia felt when you are busy bombing and killing them.

Author — zonkus culture zonkus


Terror state Usa has terror leaders and there will give orders to kill people al over the World to line there pockets !!! The Usa is 60 years doing so !!!

Author — Dead Fox


US troops shouldn’t have even been there. The Iraqi’s are protesting daily to have them leave, why don’t you cover any of their protests?

Author — Brah


I'm here to understand how OVER 100 troops are diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury

Author — sebatian


The usa is having a taste of their own medicine

Author — Free Palestine