Huey Lewis And The News - Do You Believe In Love (Official Video)

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Huey Lewis And The News - Do You Believe In Love (Official Video) 5
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Huey's songs make me happy like no other kind of music. Hall & Oates and The Cars come pretty damn close too. Just something about that magical 80s sound.

Author — JPMcFly1985_TheBernieBro


She's probably thinking, "Every morning, these guys do this".

Author — Jess Tapley


This poor girl is just trying to sleep lol

Author — Sarah Cabe


Huey Lewis is a fascinating dude. He grew up in San Francisco in the 50s and 60s where his Polish mom got together with Beat poet Lew Welch (who became his step-father) after his parents divorced. He was a gifted kid who skipped a grade and got a perfect math score on the math SAT and was an All-State baseball player who went to Cornell to study engineering. He caught the music bug, hitchhiked across the country and around Europe while learning the harmonica and busking, dropped out of school and worked as a carpenter and other jobs while bouncing around different Bay area bands in the 1970s. He hooked up with Mutt Lange when he was in a band called the Clovers and played with Van Morrison and Thin Lizzy after they disbanded. He had definitely paid his dues when this breakthrough hit came through in the early 80s.

Author — zyxwut321


The 80's were AWESOME!!!!
And they need the new wave of 80's to come back. Cause the 80's had it all.
Wish I could go bk in time and experience everything it had to offer

Author — Secret AgentMan


I wanna love you all over...Man does Huey Lewis have a set of pipes on him!

Author — Lioness Es


Such an underrated band, with harmonies as good or better than the eagles or the 4 seasons, and a lead singer happy to showcase how awesome his backup is. I consider this a throwback to the great bands of the 50's and 60's, with a great 80's feel and appeal. Some of my favorite stuff, and I love it more as I hear it more. New music can't touch this.

Author — knucklehead0202


I love the song I just cant stop thinking that the music video is about a dude that invited all his friends to sing at this deaf chick he just banged.

Author — Robert Gater


Can you imagine waking up to a bunch of weird men singing in your ear

Author — Trevor A


Real rock died after the 80's and 90's.

Author — Conrad Sutton


The 80's, when videos were awkward as hell and nobody thought anything of it. Still love Huey and the news. Good songs.

Author — TheSilverHatchet


You can feel the soul through that sax!

Author — Justin Love


Such great memories in the 80s.Can we go back please

Author — 1980s Traveler


Verse is straight outta ELO - Sweet Talkin Woman

Author — 12OclockLow


Woman in bed with six guys, no wonder she's

Author — Darth Belal


From a happy time with great music ! This guy rocks !

Author — Alex Nosiay


"I used to have you in a Love the harmonizing

Author — murphyjones100


These days, Huey and the boys would be off to jail on stalking charges.

Author — Chris


Is this just Sweet talkin woman from ELO

Author — manic T


Please bubble wrap Huey. Preserve him at all costs. Not ready to hand him join the great band in the sky yet

Author — Dave Morrison