Bringing Christmas Spirit to Your YouTube Channel 🤗🎄 | Let's Prepare for Christmas! 🎅🏽

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Bringing Christmas Spirit to Your YouTube Channel 🤗🎄 | Let's Prepare for Christmas! 🎅🏽 4.5

Bringing Christmas Spirit to Your YouTube Channel: making a Christmas video with the Movavi Vlog. Promo code of 15% DISCOUNT: VLOG15 😃 For the subscribers only!


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First and foremost - Christmas lights. Nothing sets the mood the way these little sparkling lights do. You can get coloured lights or white ones, but make sure they have a warm glow. If manual settings are available on your camera, open up the aperture as much as you can and shoot your video as far from the light as possible to achieve a beautiful blurring effect.

The second most important thing is to get rid of all the extra stuff in the frame. Even if it’s something you love, if it has nothing to do with the New Year’s theme, get it out of there. Just lose it!

And the third thing is to add some atmospheric details. Toys, action figures, giftwrap, or snowballs - fill the frame with little knick-knacks that will set the mood.

In today’s episode, we’ve used the “Christmas party set”, as well as an intro from the “Sparkling snowflakes intro pack”. You can install the Movavi effects on your Movavi Video Editor Basic, Movavi Video Suite, or Movavi Video Editor Plus as well.

(3:24) We grabbed the intro from the new sparkling snowflakes intro pack, then just dragged the intro to the timeline, changed the text and picked a jingle.

(4:10) Picking a transition is a challenge, as they all look lit! Use the ones that best match the vibe of your video and the colours you need. Most importantly, don’t overdo it, be careful to edit your choices!

(4:35) We used the same set of effects for our titles to keep the style of the video consistent.

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Promo code of 15% DISCOUNT: VLOG15 😃 For the subscribers only!

Author — Movavi Vlog


I plan to spend a traditional Christmas with my family and my 105 year old grandmother. I love hearing her stories from her years of growing up and her years of seeing all the exciting new inventions she saw come into this world.

Author — Tim Yonce


Thanks for the video and thanks for this amazing store effect. But what i'm looking for is Chess set effect / Chess pack effect for my chess videos.

Author — Elyane Think


When I click transition it adds on all clips but I want only on 2 theres no option 🤷‍♀️

Author — Just Chill My Dog


Hello! Thank you very much for your videos! (Я русский, знаком с вами как-раз через ваш русский канал)

Author — Павел Голубкин


Great tips. You're help out LOVE CROSSING BORDERS channel to reach our goal of 2000 Subscribers by New Year's. Thanks again

Author — Andre & Andrea: Love Crossing Borders


More terrific Effects Store content. I look forward to spreading some holiday cheer with it!

Author — Tim Spaid


can you give me a shoutout, I love your videos are so useful

Author — sando xavier