The World's Most Dangerous Blood Type

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Narrator/Editor: Stephanie Sammann


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I like that in Sweden you get a text whenever your blood has been used

Author — Erica Erixon


Meanwhile I thought my O+ blood was the deadliest as I keep getting attraction from mosquitoes.

Author — stoopig


I have chronic anaemia, and I urge everyone to donate blood if permitted. Without those unnamed generous strangers, I would probably not be alive. Your blood can and has saved millions of family. I thank each and everyone of you Heroes who have donated !!

Author — Priyanti Mandal


When my dad worked in Cornwall, England for a while, like 45 years ago, he is a pediatrician, there was a baby who needed blood and was RH Null blood type. They had to get someone all the way from Italy to donate blood. It's actually fascinating to me how we all have our own identity.

Author — Kitty Fan


Me: a B+

My asian parents: *why no A+?? You are a failure*

Author — kkketchup


Almost 60 years ago, when I was an infant, I needed AB- blood. A man came from halfway across Texas to where I was in the hospital in Houston, to donate for me. I wouldn't be alive and enjoying my first grandchild, if it hadn't been for that man.
To those who've commented that my blood donor driving across Texas in 1963 was ridiculous, since AB- can receive A-, B- or 0-, my mom said that the doctors insisted on it because I have some sort of weird antigen or factor, and that as I'd nearly died several times during those 6 weeks, "close enough" wasn't something they were willing to risk.

Author — farvista


I’m alive today because of blood transfusions. I’m a two time survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which is a type of blood cancer and I needed so many transfusions to beat the cancer that I lost count. I want to donate blood and other blood products so badly, but I’m not eligible to donate blood due to having had blood cancer. Instead of being able to donate myself I became a junior ambassador for Red Cross Australia when I was in high school, in one year I was able to get around 150 people to donate blood at least once by sharing my story, having a living example of why donating blood is so important right in front of someone helped people that wouldn’t have donated because of something like a fear of needles to overcome their fear to save lives.

Author — Maddy Spinks


For the 40 odd people in the world with Rh-null blood who are "on-call" for their whole lives, their acts of kindness should not be at their own expense! If some countries' laws won't allow for their expenses to be reimbursed, then surely the patient's family should be paying for them. The money is nothing compared to the life the donor is saving!

Author — G. L.


I received blood when I had a bleed on the brain as a pre teen. I had had open brain surgery and the doctors accidentally cut through a vein when doing the brain surgery. Thankfully I’m here today due to the doctors and the blood donor(s). However it also means that I cannot give blood. But thank you to all those who have.

Author — emily cheetham


Blood type: Is the most dangerous type

Dracula: “I fear no blood, but that type of blood... it scares me.”

Author — Elan Dwa


When you decided to be a good person once in your life and you want to donate blood and help people but then you remember you have anemia: *visible frustration*

Author — Bubble Tea-V


“the rarest blood type, Rh-null, is called Rh-null.”

mm yes floor is made out of floor

Author — Bii_Bee


It amazes me that I’m O- yet my children are O+ . Wtf, they grew attached to the placenta affected by everything I ate and drank yet have different blood. But thank you to those who donated Anti D making it possible to carry my babies🥰

Author — Mandie Barker


I was excited when I found out my blood type was O- because it is more rare and I thought that was cool. That is until the Red Cross became my most frequent caller. I'm happy to help people and I try to donate as much as I can, but do they really need to call me more then my mom does?

Author — Lydia Mather


Imagine your blood type is A+ but your grade is F-

Author — Precious Ricaplaza


I have RH Negative blood type this makes me want to donate more often just to know that I helped someone live another Day and have another chance at life is a blessing all itself❤️

Author — Jamie Usry


Gave my 28th donation last week :D

Not really important, just like to feel good about myself every now and again.

Author — Magrior


As a person who has an chronic incurable illness that has caused me loss of a lot blood and also bordering anemia off & on, blood transfusions have saved my life. I would like to thank all of those who can and do donate blood/plasma/bone marrow because y'all are heroes!

Author — DJ Footie Pajamas


My brother donates blood and the last time there was a dengue outbreak and the blood shortage is real he said you can see people at the lines to get blood, and what happens when it was his time the volunteer said to the woman near the hall. "Your lucky, this is your blood donor" pointing to my brother while assisting him, the smile of the woman happiness is very much shown, likely that woman is waiting for so long for blood.

Author — Carol Lo


I guess this is the embodiment of

"Shit. Guess I'll die"

Author — rtsptw