Дорога в Акармару / Road to Akarmara

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Дорога в Акармару / Road to Akarmara 4.5
Акармара — бывший шахтерский поселок в Абхазии, расположенный в 10 километрах на восток от города Ткуарчал. После распада СССР, Грузино-Абхзаской войны и закрытия угольных шахт пришёл в упадок. (Чтобы узнать больше информации, включите субтитры.)

Akarmara - the former mining town in Abkhazia. After collapse of the Soviet Union and Abkhaz–Georgian war it was almost abandoned. (For more information turn on subtitles)

Поселение состоит из десятка пятиэтажных жилых домов со всей необходимой для городского посёлка инфраструктурой — тут были гостиница, школы, больницы, ресторан, дом культуры, кинотеатр, пансионат, рынок. Неподалёку — бывший павильон железнодорожной станции. Основные постройки, как и в Ткуарчале, построены пленными немецкими строителями и архитекторами в конце войны. Ни по архитектуре, ни по расположению это место не похоже на простой шахтёрский посёлок в общепринятом представлении. Жителей в конце восьмидесятых годов 20-го века насчитывалось около пяти тысяч. Теперь здесь проживают несколько десятков человек и работает один ларёк у дороги, служащий также и местом обмена новостями.

music - Robert Rich – The Night Sky Replies,
Robert Rich – Erasing Traces,
Robert Rich & Alio Die – Turning To Stone

camera - panasonic gh2
lenses - panasonic 14-42 , panasonic 45-150
stabilizer - flycam junior

june 2016

#abkhazia #urbex #lostplaces

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I don't feel any scary things here.
It seems peaceful and better than my place right now.
I want to keep quite my soul and far away from the fake people

Author — Kairi Rose


Perfect place for people like me who hate to talk with anyone 😪😪

Author — Sagar Tomar


*Advice* - Turn on the captions and all your questions will be answered.

Author — Kshitiz Dewani


This is Life in the middle of Death.
This is the melancholy beauty of sweet decay and slumber.
This is Art.
Thank you.

Author — Karl Jackson


Perfect place for an introvert like me to live.

Author — Pussin BOOTS


Very very good video and background music is matched 101%....

Author — amit Kumar


This is perfect place to shoot a horror movie

Author — Snappy


Can’t imagine the chaos, the fright, the feeling of all those people having to leave their belongings behind, in a rush.

Author — Bangtan Jams


Ok one more time recommendations took all of us together

Author — Pal Kingdom


Toxic wastes; poisonous run off; environmental impact; hazardous environment; there is no recovery.

Author — Mo Erfani


I believe someday soon. this whole Earth would be like this

Author — C J


How Can Animals Still Peacefully Live In there? I Think Theres Still someone living in there

Author — Osmeco Gaming


Still the bells is hanging around those pet animals's neck, means someone living that place

Author — Kiron Sk


First impression I closed my eyes for a while then was trying to feel people's life routine overthere but suddenly get sad and about to cry then think how, why this
happen ...
Just memories ...even I could feel anything but my heart did ..

Author — Fiji Boy


It's a Soviets era 1970 town which had 5000 people and due to war n economic crisis became a ghost town. It's situated in Georgia's coast and hardly a handful of people live now in the jungle town

Author — Ricky Matthews


This is a close example of what the cities would look like 25 years after humans disappear . All other life form will flourish.

Author — Buddy B


Nature always wins...

Remember Humanity is in danger..not earth...it will keep spinning in the middle of no where..and will heal itself overtime..

Author — Shubham Sahu


Real noise of nature
Just calming and peaceful
Far away from the fake world

Author — divyansh gupta


When you realise this isn't only the past will be our future also 😔

Author — Suvam Sahoo


places like that fantastic for me? And very succesful video!

Author — Aysel Arkın