Create worlds - join Blizzard and entertain the universe!

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We’re looking for talented, passionate people with all sorts of skills to join the ranks at Blizzard.

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I was a WoW subscriber for almost seven years. Even to this day, I reminisce about the amazing people I've known, how vast and magnificently mysterious everything felt, and how wildly and refreshingly different Warcraft was from the world I temporarily wanted to escape from. It is truly remarkable how impossibly immersive your creation was (and still is). A world I never thought I'd come to intimately know, gracefully flourished into one of the best experiences of my life.

Thank you for the memories!

Author — ProJanitor


Thanks for making such great games for such a long time. I've been playing your games for nearly all of my adult life. I am happy to be a customer of yours...and I've never been displeased with a Blizzard product. Thanks again!

Author — Doc Skillz Gaming


This is such a great example of a epic company

Author — Marco Louters


I would love to work for Blizzard. I'm a writer so I think I'd do an excellent job and discussing and coming up with the direction of the characters in a game.

Author — ezmer2dragon


All positions in California pretty much, I would love to be a part of the Warcraft story writing team though. Legion is amazing, especially compared to what WoW had previously with stroy writing and I would love to be a part of keeping that story amazing. Wish there were some off location jobs.

Author — Wunlee Smith


I'm looking forward to hearing back about the 2017 summer internship! You guys are awesome!

Author — Austin Labarbera


I wonder how many lines of code your game engine (assuming it's only one, would be a ton of work maintaining many of them with such high quality) consits of... And, since your games are so well optimised, whether you use C++ for the most part of gameplay dev too :D

Author — Xenon


I love how they put basically a job flyer on YouTube, this is why blizzard is amazing

Author — Pelh24


Love you so much Blizz and I'd love to work for you guys once I finish schooling ! 👌

Author — Nason M


Thanks Blizzard becausr making great games for us! Make more great games in future! We're waiting for exciting and new great games from Blizzard!

Author — Pak Lah Official


It's been my dream to work for Blizzard since I was little. I'm still busy in college but hoping to get my internship there.

Author — Marlfox70


I love Blizzard so much!! I wish I had the benefits of working for Blizzard.

Author — Clauneck


Mrs Blizzard since I was seven years old I have always admired your work and all that you have produced and still produce.
My first game was Diablo 2, and since
So I have been following your glorious work and incredible development.
I am a 15 year old Brazilian boy studying hard to get a place in college and in the future to be a game developer in his huge company.

I hope this comment reaches you.

Author — Joao Gabriel


now THIS is why I like the company (just kidding, I am or was addicted to all of your games at one point) but IF I get into programming and stuff, I will actively try to get there

Author — Robert HUN


I love how they all have such cool Blizzard stuff around their desks

Author — The Book Dragon


2017: come work with us
2019: Blizzard fires almost 800 employees.

Author — Ariel Nogueira


I'm playing Blizzard game since I'm a child, Diablo I, Warcraft I, Starcraft I, defined who I'am today. It's because of YOU that today I work in the video game industry and I want to thank you for that.

I'll apply and i'll do my best to become part of this great adventure.
Thank you for all those years.

Author — Thomas Fontaine


Nice show of diversity, Blizz. Kudos!

Author — RG M


You should open a site in / near Oxford. It would gain good traction and employment, as well as being able to hire new graduates from all of the brilliant technology and design colleges & unis nearby. (PS. Also I want to work at blizzard and there aren't any branches in my area 😔)

Author — Jacob Russell


ive loved blizzard for as long as i've had a computer, and video games in general my whole life! Now im going to start college this fall for computer science, i hope one day i can work for Blizzard Entertainment after i graduate!!!

(you should probably start preparing for ton of summer intern requests from someone named Kim for the next 4 years. Just a heads up)

Author — starcubb