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Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 5
Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.

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"That is one man literially squeezing the white guilt out of another."

Amazingly accurate. That dude really wanted to believe that claim as fast as he could so he didn't have to feel as bad about paying this man to risk himself daily to make his up hill walk possible.

Author — Teyl1


Would like to see John do an episode on "Influencers"

Author — Miguel Mota


I cannot thank you enough for doing this piece. I am from a small town on the India-Nepal border and the entire Himalayan region, even though a paradise for someone who loves mountaineering, is unfortunately full of problems mentioned in the video because of insane tourism and cheap labor. This episode is literally a summary of the many frustrating conversations I have had about the Himalayas with my friends from University, because of there being a lack of awareness about the tourism problems in the Himalayan region.

Author — Sugandha Shukla


I can imagine when the Sherpas come home they make fun of the climbers

Author — Brian Sempowski


Not gonna lie, I ain't even mad. That Rick Rolling was beautifully executed

Author — Chris Floyd


On the other hand, the idea of rich people paying over ten thousand dollars to die on a mountain is objectively very funny.

Author — Churono


Sadly the sherpas are not the ones that make the 100k per trip. It's rich people who pieced together the idea, then hired the "help" to do all the work. Owners of the vacation program probably never been up the mountain.

Author — AndyD


Youtubers be like: "Ordering Dominos Pizza on the top of mount Everest", (Not Clickbait)"

Author — PixelatedBurrito 22


It should be a requirement for everyone to have climbed K2 before getting approval to climb Everest.
This mass tourist issue would stop over night!

Author — lynnyfee


They somehow made something awesome, incredibly lame.

Ohh wow! You climbed Everest with your dining table, heated tent and crew of guides after paying $140, 000? you're so adventurous! You're the apex of human achievment! You and the other 4000 people who've done it.

Author — Tito Titoburg


I love Mount Everest. It's literally the Highest of the High Grounds.

Author — Obi-Wan Kenobi


Does it speak to how nerdy I am that if a dude pulled out "Capitonym" on a first date I would be so impressed. It would definitely win him some points.

Author — Kristen Cyr


I wanna see John Oliver give a sherpa an awkward hug like that, though I have a feeling John Oliver hugs are always awkward since he’s really just three owl in a business casual suit. With an extensive tie collection. We all need a hobby. 😂

Author — Arcadian Spark


John Oliver at his most badass. Rickrolling the audience, bashing the business daddy, trolling selfie addicts. Wow 😃😃

Author — Prabhdeep Singh


That sneezing at the photo of Justin Long bit made no sense, but you can tell John really loved it and demanded it stay in.

Author — Andrew Johnson


This could be easily titled: “How stupid selfish rich people continue to ruin everything that’s good.”

Author — aaaron152


Tourism has become a joke. The "been there; done that" culture is, itself, a joke.
Screw that.

Author — mistouko


This feels like a fitting metaphor for the narrative of the 1% and the self-made man. Many of the 1% will say, "Look at this incredible achievement that I've done through pure determination and grit. Isn't it impressive?" Whereas in reality the achievement was done through the exploitation of honest, underpaid workers doing the majority of the actual work.

Author — TheTron08


Crossing that crevasse on that flimsy ladder, Is a HUGE glass of nope

Author — Jack Torrance


I'm glad someone with an audience finally said something about this.

Author — Stephen Jones