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Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 5
Climbing Mount Everest has become dangerously popular. John Oliver explains why.

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I love Mount Everest. It's literally the Highest of the High Grounds.

Author — Obi-Wan Kenobi


Would like to see John do an episode on "Influencers"

Author — Miguel Mota


Not having thetopofmounteverest.com redirect to rick astley is a missed golden opportunity.

Author — Seamus Allen


How long until there's a Starbucks at the summit?

Author — Rashad


I cannot thank you enough for doing this piece. I am from a small town on the India-Nepal border and the entire Himalayan region, even though a paradise for someone who loves mountaineering, is unfortunately full of problems mentioned in the video because of insane tourism and cheap labor. This episode is literally a summary of the many frustrating conversations I have had about the Himalayas with my friends from University, because of there being a lack of awareness about the tourism problems in the Himalayan region.

Author — Sugandha Shukla


The REAL HEROES of Everest are those Sherpas. Everyone else are posers.

Author — Geo Dez


If you "summited Mt. Everest" with a sherpa you didn't conquer it. *You went on a guided tour*

Author — J Ro


The Sherpa who said "We are family" he was referring about his own sherpa's colleagues, not the turists. Facepalm

Author — Vinicio Rojero


10:25 "we're like family"
If that's true then the sherpas are the parents and the clients are little infants that rely on them for everything.

Author — Rodney Smart


Sadly the sherpas are not the ones that make the 100k per trip. It's rich people who pieced together the idea, then hired the "help" to do all the work. Owners of the vacation program probably never been up the mountain.

Author — AndyD


Just remember folks.
Every corpse on mount Everest was once an extremely motivated person.

Stay lazy my friends 😅😅😅

Author — Jackie chan_WTF


20:36 "Our fatality rate is *close* to zero".

Wait a minute.

Author — L Haviland


Youtubers be like: "Ordering Dominos Pizza on the top of mount Everest", (Not Clickbait)"

Author — PixelatedBurrito 22


the only thing more dangerous than jostleing on 2 actual ping pong tables is texting while driving. Stop it...get some help.

Author — Smegalodon


17:07 a catapult? What kind of pathetic pleb do you take me for?
I only ride trebuchets to the summit.

Author — Sarah


This could be easily titled: “How stupid selfish rich people continue to ruin everything that’s good.”

Author — aaaron152


That sneezing at the photo of Justin Long bit made no sense, but you can tell John really loved it and demanded it stay in.

Author — Andrew Johnson


Everest has become to mainstream, I'm going to climb Mount Olimpus.

Author — paco ramon


It's difficult to see the appeal in this. I'd have imagined that one of the amazing things which gave this arduous climb purpose would have been some intense feeling of solitude at the top, something both desolate and spiritual, unlikely to be felt again, but a memory to return to often when your spirit needs a connection. How the f- do you get anything like a mountaintop experience when you're up there for a couple minutes?! That line looked worse than the line outside a women's restroom- complete with the conscious knowledge that you're pressed for time, others are waiting, etc.- only this time, they might DIE if you take too long! Or what of a relatively well-prepared, experienced mountain climber who gets stuck behind a person who shouldn't be attempting this by any means? Add to this frustrating bottleneck of humans conditions which are life-threatening and just plain physically uncomfortable, and it just seems to me like you've got the makings of the Everest of Vacations from Hell.

Author — Erin Thesystem


Unfortunately, social media like Instagram are poisoning the natural gems. Same problem of overcrowding at every national park's serene spots. This is showing up even at work culture, bragging and self branding instead of putting the real efforts on the work.

Author — tintinban