DNA Science - Human Race and Genetics Documentary

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DNA Science - Human Race and Genetics Documentary 5

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I am here just to understand the existence of GOD.

Author — Roy Biden


I'm just here to listen to Jeff Goldblum's voice.

Author — NEM


This is all so amazing, I'm so thankful for all we know.

Author — Priscilla Saravia


He didn't even believe the moon one atom yea when he lies he whinkls his eyes

Author — brayan b


The story of the human genome is just amazing

Author — Mirera Hosea


This actually help me with my studying for my test next week

Author — olivia carter


From the race of the Nobel peace Prize! My Saviour broke the code of what it means to be loved. He gives men the insight when they acknowledge they don't have the answers.

Author — Rigo Carias


This video answered all my questions and i got info about more than i had

Author — Donnie Sak


Great Documentary. Thanks for the upload.

Author — Metacognition88


scientifically, an amazing story ; complexity, scale, a challenge to human endurance.
A giant leap forward for self understanding, awareness. an intimate glance at human
community. All presented visually in this documentary in a comprehensive manner. Hooray !
P, S, And fun too !

Author — James anonymous


I've read pi can be used to better understand dna. It kinda went over my head though.

Author — xxSpike1989xx


Pedo Epstein island trip taker Billy Clinton!

Author — Ryan Hill


Where is the part in human body the genetic hiding?

Author — Romey Ray Kondu


Excellent documentary on molecular biology

Author — Wajid Bashir


Very appropriate to put Bill into this documentary. He knows a lot about the impact of DNA discoveries.

Author — Enrique Peña Nieto


if you are soooo smart, tell me why my birthday is on the same day I was born! HMMMM?

Author — ImaginaryTheCreator


Can i get money if i give my human body to science .. well part time prefferly ??

Author — Steven Gingras


I got a pair of jeans one blue one black from a yard sale for five bucks for two.



3D Printers. Could this be the way to Colone in the future?

If your ear fell off or your foot got crushed. Could it be possible to download

your DNA. You would have to replace the plastic spool for the DNA spool.

Program with G-code and CAD. Whalla a little human super glue. and back to work.

Malc uk.

Author — MY VIDEOS


But how did we get these traits is much more interesting than reading the genes

Author — 1spacemannsam