Best News Bloopers February 2014

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0:26 "I compare winter to be the Justin Bieber of seasons. It was kind of cute and exciting when it first started out and now it's a bit obnoxious and should probably stay in Canada." Give this man a fucking trophy for best comparison ever!

Author — filmtoaster


"It's the perfect texture for running"
Proceeds to slip and fall

Author — Ryan Elf


Samuel Jackson was having way too much fun trolling that guy.

Author — E Bach


*"Winter is like Justin Bieber. It was cute when it started, now it's just getting obnoxious and should probably just stay in Canada."*
- Ryan Donnellon 2014

Author — 56cpfan


I feel sorry for the white guy. It was an honest mistake. Samuel L. Jackson just wouldn't let it go.

Author — buddhas know best


The part with the politician that threaten the reporter was quite creepy!

Author — kandlaker


I Actually saw the one with the bad audio live, funniest thing ever

Author — Polaris 175


Reporter: "What are you doing Running in the snow?"
Idiot: It's the perfect texture for running, and it's dry snow so your feet wont get wet..."

9 seconds later she falls on her ass and hits her head. LOOL I cried for 15 minutes min dying

Author — Derci Musa


Geez Samuel really holds a grudge don't he?

Author — Kara Camille Delonas


Winter is the JB of seasons. Cute and exciting at first but later kind of obnoxious and should probably stay in Canada

Author — Goober Bear


I don't know who the congressman was at 6:00 but I'm glad they caught that on camera. What a horrible aggresive and nasty man.

Author — blabla blabla


"Slutty snow" was my favorite

Author — Lea Butcher


I can't watch that poor old man fall in the river because it makes me sad 😓

Author — literally nicole


"It's the perfect texture for running" well I wonder if it was the perfect texture for her ass LOL

Author — MoreChannelNoise


I feel like satan when i laugh at these people

Author — medibee


Samuel the drama King...I think we got your point after the first 30 seconds of your tirade with that scowl on your face. After that, let it goooo man....that dude didn't wrong you personally.

Author — Patrick Simmons


That maggot congressman... what a jerk... why would he say such things?

Author — Just Got Prank'd


"It's the perfect texture for running"
*Falls on ass*

Author — sis


"I'm the 'what's in your wallet' black guy,
he's the car black guy,
Morgan Freeman is the other credit card guy!"
😂😂😂😭😭😂I'm sorry!~

Author — Kelly


0:19 good for him a swift knee to the crotch lol

Author — Scruffy Canadian