The big lesson from South Korea's coronavirus response

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The big lesson from South Korea's coronavirus response 5

Testing and tracing were the key to slowing the spread of coronavirus.

In South Korea, citizens have flattened the curve of the novel coronavirus -- and it's because of lessons they learned from fighting the MERS outbreak in 2015. Through a combination of aggressive and widespread testing measures, along with a system know as “contact tracing,” they’ve been better positioned to spot the path of the virus and curb its spread. While they are still vigilant for a second wave of Covid-19 cases, people in South Korea are slowly returning to public life. Watch the video above to find out how their testing and contact tracing measures work, and how it can be a lesson for countries still in lockdown.

You can learn more about the 205 MERS outbreak in South Korea and the lessons learned from it here:

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This Reuters Graphics piece has a great timeline and visualization of the coronavirus clusters in South Korea:

You can read South Korea’s Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act to learn more about the tools the government has at its disposal to request location information during outbreaks here:

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“You can learn a lot from your mistakes when you aren't busy denying them.”
― Oscar Auliq-Ice

Author — Think Different — Thought Provoking Ideas


Korean patient: I met A, B, C, and D
American patient: none of your business

Author — Zetta


South Korea(Wearing Mask + Transparency + True data + Human rights + No Lockdown + Best Medical + IT Technological Tracing + Good Government) = Perfect Success. Congrats.

Author — speako 13 is turkey terrorist fatih turkey


Population: 9, 963, 000
Area: 605sq km
Population Density: 15, 763sq km
Covid19 Cases: 633
Deaths: 2

New York City
Population: 8, 393, 748
Area: 784sq km
Population Density: 11, 000sq km
Covid19 Cases: 292, 000
Deaths: 17, 303

Author — Sharon C


Government in South Korea is honest with the data. They don’t lie with number of cases like some other countries. Also government shares the infected sites in details for the citizens. I wish i’m in korea now.I would feel much more secure

Author — Kelly Y


Now that I think about it. The reason why Korean's numbers was higher than other countries at that time, is probably because Korea is doing diagnostic tests way more and earlier than other countries.

Author — Bohan Xu


South Korea is the only one country among the entire world that all school will start via virtual schools with 5G speed for 5 million students in a daily basis. WOW!!!

Author — Peter Johnson


I'm a Japanese. I was amazed by how quickly and smartly South Korea authority has dealt with this panic. I 'm disappointed by how slowely and inefficiently Japanese goverment has dealt with it. Japanese Prime Minster Mr Abe decided to deliver only two face masks to each household the other day. This decision was mocked by not only Japanese people but also medias in the world.

Author — ダンマ会


As a U.S. citizen, we could learn a lot from our Korean friends.

Author — martin sloan


I'm Korean and here's the fact that most country misunderstand. The tracking system used by the Korean government ensures anonymity. Only basic information, such as the route of the infected, is sent to citizens by text, so the infected do not have to worry about their personal information and privacy being violated.

Author — 시다


Coronavirus: ok, time to travel to a new county


Author — Nintendo Gamer


South Korea: Aggressive testing and contact tracing
on CONFIRMED CASE as anonymous

Other Countries: 🗣Human Rights are the most IMPORTANT🤢😱!! In quarantine n Lockdown😂😂😂

Author — López


This is why Korea is a progressive country

Author — Canberk Sasmaz


South Korea: shows what countries should be doing
Other countries: *I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that*

Author — Alab Maiken Melendres


2 months ago:

Everyone: KoREa yOu FaiLeD aT dEaLiNg with Coronavirus!


Everyone: You've done a great job! We need your help!

South Koreans are confused

Author — Heon Lee


South Korea is in another level with this corona virus issues, they move quickly and flattened the curves!

Author — Alfian Hidayat


As a Korean, I think the reason we are doing well in this pandemic situation is that we Koreans have a strong sense of community. So sometimes we prioritize the good of community over one's own good. Frankly speaking, I am healthy and don't wanna wear a mask. It's very stuffy. But the reason I am wearing it is not to make others disturbed by me. I think many Koreans would think that way.
I even heard of a man whose daughter was confirmed. He is running a grocery store in a market place. Actually even though someone is confirmed, we don't know who's who. We are only informed of that person's whereabouts. But the father posted a notice on his grocery store that said his daughter was confirmed, so just in case do not buy food there. It was not him who was confirmed but his daughter. So it was not enforced by the police to shut his store down . But he did. Of course that is not the whole story of Koreans. But still there are many Koreans who think and act that way.

Author — HJ Lee


I'm so glad I moved to S.Korea from the USA last year.

Author — Rebeldevil


Future Kids: *Who else watching this for a school project?*

Author — NicolasHD


Japan: Hide and don’t tell anything until Tokyo olympic. We need money and reputation.
S. Korea : let people know in order to protect our people from invisible enemies.

Author — Hannah Park