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Prague 5

Rick Steves' Europe Travel Guide | In the Czech Republic, we visit Prague to experience its massive castle, beloved statue-lined bridge, evocative Jewish Quarter, and thrilling 20th-century history while enjoying its infectious love of music and perhaps the best beer in Europe. With a beautifully preserved Old Town, Prague deserves its nickname: the Golden City of a Hundred Spires. © 2014 Rick Steves' Europe

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Rick Steves, America's most respected authority on European travel, writes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.

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My favorite city in Europe. The saying goes, "All cities are jealous of Paris but Paris is jealous of Prague."

Author — Daniel Hamilton


Im drinking pirsnel urquell at this very moment - best bear ever made . Greetings from Poland :)

Author — Zawisza Czarny


I feel that Prague is one of the most underrated places in the world, everyone should at visit the city at least city once to get the feel.

Author — TheVideomaker2341


Greetings from Russia! Czech Republic is a wonderful, beautiful country ;)

Author — Сергей Астафьев


Prague > London. And this is coming from an Englishman! Prague is simply the best!

Author — ufknwotfam


i went to Prague on vacation, got a job as an English teacher and lived there for 3 years. Every American should go to Prague for a year or 3. nelepsi mesto na zeme!

Author — Francis Cignoli


She forgot to tell him the most magical and important czech word: pivo

Author — ondra svoboda


Prague is: beautiful - inspiring - seductive - peaceful - cosy - mysterious - affordable - fun - amazing - tasteful

Author — MrZonYT


I went to Prague around 2-3 years ago on a business trip. It was my first (and so far ONLY) time ever in Europe. I really love it there. The city is really beautiful with lots of breathtaking scenery views, very peaceful and serene, clean and very well managed, and everywhere I go I see beautiful people everywhere as if I just stepped into a modeling agency LOL. I'd love to visit there again someday in the future. :)

Author — clone 2k


Rock Steeves has the most "perfect job"!

Author — Michael Ziggiotto


I live in England and regularly visit friends who live in Prague.  This is a great video of Prague. It is a must place to visit. Go there and live it and love it.

Author — Gordon Gerrard


europe is my favorite continent, ever.

Author — Mish Sams


Really? No one else notice Czech James Franco at 9:50?

Author — Francisco Leyva


I miss Prague :( I've been there eight times now but every time I go, I find something new and incredible to fall in love with

Author — Eli Solidum


Awesome work with many informations, camera, music etc.. I'm Czech and many things was for me surprise. Thanks :)

Author — Alex G.


czech republic is amazing, Prague is amazing, beautiful... beautiful culture and language..wonderful people...

Author — Thiago Sebba


I travelled this city in 2016.. Still memory vivid..

Author — Modi Divyang


I keep watching your videos as I love Europe so much!!

Author — Jan Salvador


Prague city in Czech Republic is cool. Greetings.

Author — Tohari Achmad


I discovered Prague 51 years ago, I went there six times after 1966 and I still love this city, even if it is invaded by turists from the whole world. I forgot to say that I am Belgian.

Author — josé de clercq