Shadow people caught on camera//Теневые существа

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Shadow people caught on camera//Теневые существа 4.5

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Вот молодец, человек, работает! Нас радует 👍😎🤗

Author — нина нинся


A intro I'll never fastforwed, so cool😎

Author — Thorn Age


2:08 Hunters have seen this before. It's like the movie PREDATOR (ALIEN) or can also be CLOAKING.

Author — ssmatsusaka


Not always the best quality video but excellent captures. Keep up the great work!

Author — Greg Nail


Ben rabbime bagılıyım başkası ilgilendirmiyor

Author — kn klc


the one pic was just the ladies reflection in the mirror behind her.

Author — Shay lynn111


Does anyone know where the first clip is from? Is that a movie or what? I've seen that before any additional information would be appreciated

Author — Michael 88


Это было очень круто! Мне очень понравилось это видео. Некоторые из них действительно меня испугались. Сделайте больше, пожалуйста!

Author — Gregory Fessia


1:50 еслиб звука не было, былоб правдоподобно, чтоб издавать звук нужна плоть, откуда она у призрака,

Author — Serg Gres


son todos videos viejos los ke suben sienpre estos

Author — Juan Marinero


First let me start and say, BRAVO 👏😄! Got me like🤔😲😬! Wasn't that a Mason's G in the triangle on the floor? Almost seemed like that group of people was looking where the dark shadow was at🤷! But the first video 🤯was over the top! Was wondering, in that video with the purple ring, was that yours, or the senders? Because I've seen other videos with a black ring in the sky, same type circle and smoke. Kinda think that might be a port-hole where they come in and out of!! I'm just amazed of ALL these sightings. Makes me think the calm before the storm! Really cool stuff on here, thanks for sharing!!✌️😎

Author — dennine claros


The first clip in the Woods is not a shadow person btw.

Author — kruimels


A lot of these so-called Ghost being seen on back windshields or windows could actually be refections off mirrors with a black light being reflected on to a mirror causing the mirror to reflect on to a window or a windshield its all a basic trickery done by youngsters to pull off a hoax to make you feel as if your seeing so-called Ghost but in reality is a fake Ghost being pulled off by pot-smoking teenagers with nothing else to do with their time but to play with your minds

Author — Robbie


Riktigt skrämmande faktiskt.. Shadow People är otroligt otäcka

Author — Joakim Lager