Chael Sonnen interview with Dan Le Batard | Highly Questionable

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Chael Sonnen interview with Dan Le Batard | Highly Questionable 5

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"Welcome to 2000 and Chael."

Author — Chris Ioannou


*Dan* - “How does she tolerate you?”

*Chael* - “we’ll she’s a lot tougher than you, as most women are, Dan. So we get along just fine.”

Author — TimeGallon


Chael being a true gentleman.
He didn't want to fracture the guy's psyche by describing the traumatic experience of witnessing a brutally savage litterer in his home town.

Author — Gee Blanco


'im not interested in a women where i have to give her things and take her places to keep her happy, thats not my kind of woman' well said man

Author — azertu2u2


"I sit before you today, undefeated and undisputed."

and never lost a round.

Author — Memory Drain


Like him or not, Chael Sonnen is one of the best and brightest fighters who understands the business, takes it seriously, absolutely knows exactly how to build heat through humor and wit and he is one of the most colorful fighters to come along in quite some time.

Author — snarlingrabiddog5150


This dude entirely on his own is more entertaining than the entire current WWE talent roster.

Author — greg the groove DRUM COVERS


I hate that Chael lost the first Anderson fight

Author — BGS


“Going to Miami dadadaadaa, yeah thats a good song. Good for you, you made it on the radio”. LMAO

Author — Je Roen


This video kills me. Chael can be really funny.

"I will correct you. You are wrong."

Author — thinkgreen55


The interviewer's style is so irritating I think Sonnen was very tolerant.

Author — Alchemy


Chael looking like Darren tills American brother back in the day

Author — Yer Da


"I just imagined there being a lot of ducks" "A lot of ducks?" lol I literally paused the video and lost it

Author — ikantspelgud1


“When I jump out of that airplane, I don’t want to be positive that chute’s going to open.” This has to be the greatest line ever spoken in history

Author — Bheem C


LeBetard is such a knob gobbler

Chael hates his much as me

Author — Crazy Joe Davola


YouTube:(2012) not yet
YouTube:(2015)not yet

Author — Just a potato


I too survived the mean streets of West Linn Oregon. I remember a particularly traumatic experience once where I ordered a Caramel Machiatto at the Starbucks drive thru, and didn't realized I'd been bum rushed until I got on the road and took a sip of what turned out to be a half-caf Vanilla whipped Latte. Like THE MAN said, you always gotta be looking over your shoulder, only the strong survive.

Author — Scott J


Not just undefeated, Chael never lost a round

Author — Second Sight


Chael sonnen just dropped some serious relationship advice

Author — james james


Chael's fake laugh was great lmao. Le Batard looked nervous as heck

Author — Shane B.