Video shows moment missile apparently strikes passenger jet l ABC News

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Video shows moment missile apparently strikes passenger jet l ABC News 4.5
U.S. intelligence sources are confident an Iranian anti-aircraft missile hit the Ukrainian 737 airliner, based in part on video that shows the jet being struck and then consumed by flames.

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bruh whoever shot that is gonna get tortured to death

Author — Mohammad Abujaffar


Trudeau trying to blend in with the guy behind him.

Author — Danny


Imagine how big of a deal this would have been if America did the same, while also trying to cover up their crime.

Author — Ghided Dudmey


Just a accident. Black box gone. Oh yeah we cleaned up the sight. Just like epstien killing himself. They don't even try anymore to come up with a story.

Author — buzz Aldrin


Why are people going to Iran when theres tensions?

Author — Third Reich


My deepest condolences to the family the lost their family members from missile strike

Author — Minuk Jayathilake


It's Iranian airspace nonting will be done😢

Author — Crazy Chick Shena


👌abc “news”, Cecelia: “ assuming this was an accidental shoot down...” . Another abc CONTAMINATED reporting of the “contaminated crime scene”, by Iran. Murder of 176 victims, according to PM Trudeau (Canada) “...May well been unintentional”. 👎.

Author — Frank Elizalde


Omg how can this be a "coincidental" how is throwing a missile at a plan be a ACCEDDENT!!!

Author — Stevie Rogers


Of course it was intentional. Every single ground to air missile launcher has codes that identify EASILY a Commercial plane.

Author — Rich


*Its always the innocent that suffer...*

Author — MMQ


this is not a mistake they did it intentionally some one was target in the plane

Author — shafiq aria


I bet the Iranians thought they shot down Air Force One.

Author — LLMBC


No wars plz

Serve humanity don’t kill other human

Author — Portugal Bredanfou


Its very obvious that the missile was fire in an Iranian soil.Also why did they have to clean the wreckage right away without investigating? Something is fishy ! Lol

Author — CHAR MORI


Imaging nuclear bombs in the hands of this people .👳👳🕋🕋

Author — Wisdom Charles


Invite Boeing as well yeah... because they're so trustworthy

Author — Jeffrey gundlach


I don't understand how this could have been a mistake

Author — James Lee


Who else, when the very first reports of the crash of the passenger plane were released, figured that it wasn’t a mechanical failure and it was likely a mistake by Iran?

Author — Ars Longa


Breaking news. It was me who shot the missle from Northern California.

Author — Matt Sundby