Video shows moment missile apparently strikes passenger jet l ABC News

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Video shows moment missile apparently strikes passenger jet l ABC News 4.5
U.S. intelligence sources are confident an Iranian anti-aircraft missile hit the Ukrainian 737 airliner, based in part on video that shows the jet being struck and then consumed by flames.

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Just a accident. Black box gone. Oh yeah we cleaned up the sight. Just like epstien killing himself. They don't even try anymore to come up with a story.

Author — buzz Aldrin


Wow what a way to start 2020 🤕
Edit: update Iran a meeting to shooting the plane down by accident

Author — SavageOnDex


*Its always the innocent that suffer...*

Author — MMQ


I bet the Iranians thought they shot down Air Force One.

Author — LLMBC


My deepest condolence for family. Iranian do not realize that inside the commercial plane were lots of innocent people, Allah will PUNISH IRAN because you shot down innocent plane 😭🙏.

Author — Mario da Graca Noronha


"Scientifically impossible" means "definitely possible" terrible mistake from ignorant people.

Author — Andres Salas


My deepest condolences to the family the lost their family members from missile strike

Author — Minuk Jayathilake


Omg how can this be a "coincidental" how is throwing a missile at a plan be a ACCEDDENT!!!

Author — Stevie Rogers


Why would they fire on a plane that was going away.?

Author — dindo hamac


Crazy someone just happened to be filming a plane in the sky. Were they filming just because of everything that’s going on right now or what?

Author — Amy Ashley


Why would Iran shoot down a plane taking Off from its own airport, given the current climate of war? It certainly not in Iran's benefit. Is it?

Author — Zahida Bukhari


We'll just have to find out if Iran accidentally shot the plane down or was it intentional but damn, 176 people lost their lives my sincere condolences go out to the families of the victims.

Author — Usama Nain


Iran probably thinks the world is like their citizens and just have to accept what they say. Well we ain't and don't believe a damn word they say.

Author — Prantera Naud


Iran, what dafuq are you doing? R.i.p. to the lives lost.

Author — cheristar


Men destroyed
Men blames
Now they kill their own.
Stupidity and

Author — adil kanouni


if Iran isn’t careful there gonna shoot down there own planes that’s if they have any

Author — parker2x


My prayers for the families that lost loved ones on this evil act. God comfort this families and give them justice.

Author — GKilowatt


It's Iranian airspace nonting will be done😢

Author — Crazy Chick Shena


Thats why they cleaned it all up. Pretty simple, unfortunately. God Bless All the lives that were lost in this horrific tragedy.

Author — Gina R


That was obvious the moment you t happened... there are rarely coincidences

Author — Left In Bama