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The Luton Double Murders (Murder Investigation Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5

On 1st June 2005, Police were called to a house in Luton. At a small rented house, they made the grim discovery of two Polish brothers who had been brutally murdered by extreme blunt force trauma to their heads and bodies.

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Anyone else enjoy watching murder documentaries or looking up murders in a non-weird way? I promise I'm not a serial killer lol

Author — Ella Karina


I refuse to believe 2005 is nearly 15 years ago.

Author — Alpacajon


huge respect to the uk investigators travelling to poland to help the victim s familz get closure. far from cold burocrats.

Author — MrSchmolko meyer


Poor woman who found them! You can hear the shock...

Author — Alison Dosi


He said goodbye to mom and for no apparent reason he came back and said goodbye a second time and mom said “why are you doing this” and his reply was “You never know mom”...that gave me the chills. Rest their souls.

Author — ZDRO


That was fantastic that the detectives went to Poland to give closure to that lovely family.

Author — Jilly Bean


People with history of violence, criminal records especially really heavy ones like murder, rape etc. shouldn't be accepted into the country.

Author — Hana Nokoibito


I really respect how the investigators took their time and spent it with the family.

Author — Dom


I find the quiet low-key British style here very refreshing....

Author — moviemad56


I know it seems weird to like true crime documentaries. But I do. I think it's both morbid fascination, and the inner desire to see the horrible murdering bastards get caught for what they've done.

Author — The Silence


_Having your skull caved in by a barbell?_
I hope that it only took one hit so that the victim did not suffer.
Truly horrendous.

Author — Brian HL


On American TV, the shows make it look easy to catch killers/murderers. I find this fascinating that there is so much work and people involved. It is a wonder how any murder gets solved with so much concentration on a particular murder.

Author — Kathleen Pritchett


Love watching these documentarys in bed at 3am

Author — Irish King


The stopped clock at a murder scene is always a shockingly haunting piece of evidence.

Author — Alain Preveaux


As a UK taxpayer, I don't mind that it cost over £1, 000, 000 to get justice for the family. Huge kudos to the British police force.

Author — Saawan Jethwa


Two victims with heads bashed in, but first officer on scene, paramedics, and then a coroner have to confirm they are dead? Now that's what I call thorough!

Author — James Taylor


The worrying thing is how criminals and people on the wanted list get into The UK seemingly without much bother.

Author — Bri254


Bless the family losing one is bad enougth but two.



This is a very good documentary. Insight into other people's lives is invaluable to the human experience. These are some of my thoughts on this presentation as a whole: the film makers were respectful throughout, there was no exploitation of the events for "entertainment"; the professionals were all professional, straightforward, clearly competent and personable; the family and friends of the victims are gracious. Thank you.

Author — Can Van


no explanation as to motive. why were they killed?

Author — tabitha quinn