Cleveland gang-related shootout captured on video

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Cleveland gang-related shootout captured on video 4.5

WARNING: The video depicts a violent scene.

Surveillance video captured a shootout related to a long-simmering feud between Cleveland's Heartless Felons and Loyal Always gangs. The video was played at the trial of Jesus Bey earlier this month.

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How you gonna do a drive by and be the ones that get smoked?

Author — cwillboxer3


Homie that got low by the Nissan 😂😂 He's definitely been in that situation before

Author — Ronald Baker


“Is that gunfire? Quick, run around in the open!”

Author — GuyWithCamaro 20


I watched it 3 times and can't figure out who is who and what is what. Absolutely chaotic.

Author — Pollo Frito


In case someone still doesn't understand, start watching this video at 1:33. Don't bother watching before that. The pickup with two ppl is in friendly territory stopped at a light. Waiting at the other side of the road waiting to turn left is a small white carjacked car with 3 assassins. They finally get to turn left and stop in the middle of the intersection guns ablazing at Jesus B, the intended target of assassination who is talking to the driver of the pickup. Forget the dude diving for cover under the car in the foreground. Keep your eyes on the pickup and small car that seems to complete it's turn but because the driver is dead and the brakes were released. Well, what Jesus had just done is run around the back of the truck and then dodge bullets as he runs toward the top of the screen getting off the professional running shot that seems to have killed the car driver.

Suddenly the hitjob mastermind from the little car (a really evil lowlife who had just killed an innocent man to steal his car) jumps out of the front seat amid the fire and manages to run away to the top of the screen and survives to go to jail for life later. You can see why he was the leader of the rival gang. He saw his driver was dead and knew he had mere seconds to run before the enemy lost their paralysis and went on the offensive. At 2:03 the hoodie driver of the pickup gets out. You can tell he's also a leader. He's even put the truck in park.

A few seconds more of firing from the car back seat happens before a dude limps out and tries to follow his leader who had bailed before. But he's crippled from gunshot and the guy in a hoodie who had previously run from the truck toward our right off the screen, runs back and continues through all the parked cars at the top of the screen and kills (gun flashes) the limping dude so he doesn't try to ambush him again like that (I don't blame him). The victorious remaining truck occupant drives away a split second before the death of the limping man occurs, the truck occupant having survived the failed ambush. The "hero" in the hoodie is seen at the end running fast back through the parked cars at the top of the screen and takes a hard turn to our right and runs off the screen to our right. He was the main character. Jesus, the dude who probably killed the car driver had also run back from off the screen on the left to order the truck to clear out of there.

Jesus was not charged with killing the car driver. The driver's boss, who started the whole thing and ran away, was. I consider that justice. Jesus defended himself like a man.

Author — War Is Wrong


Somebody explain to the driver that it's called a "drive by", not a "pull up and stop".

Author — 357lockdown


Love it when everyone puts down their phones and just lives in the moment

Author — Chris Hansen


I was distracted by that smart car the whole time

Author — Deez


Shooter from the back seat came out limping and then got dropped half a block away, he dead.

Author — Willy Moe Slim


The guy who was standing outside the truck was a super gangster

Author — Marquise Thomas


2:12 truck driver shoots at the ground 2-3X.

Author — Layke Hicks


Rule number 1 in a drive by. #1 drive by.

Author — Todd Smith


Looks like another well thought out plan by contributing members of society.

Author — Willow Wonka


I like how everyone just starts pulling straps

Author — Elias Salazar


This is literally the most shady corner i have ever seen. So much happening there..

Author — Grafzaaiers


Was kind of surprised when the truck started driving again after the driver got out and ran away.

Author — Christopher Field


These guys shoot worse than storm troopers... They literally drive up and unload on those guys at nearly point blank range... not one shot landed...

Author — kil koh


People still out here killing over turf the government owns 😂. When are they going to learn “their homies” won’t ever visit them in jail

Author — InnerGuide


When you ambush another team in warzone but your squad gets wiped.

Author — F Fuentes


Last dude thought he was gone hop away n get caught lacking

Author — Anthony