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By popular request GQ'S favourite mens groomer Matty Conrad shares all his favourite beard trimming tips to help you recreate the KRATOS (ducktail beard) from the video game God Of War . Whether you are at the beard trimming for beginners stage or the professional beard grooming level Matty can help you with all of your beard care and beard trimmer needs and teach you how to trim your own beard at home!


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00:00:01 Intro
00:02:22 The Nerdy Stuff
00:05:18 Time To Do The Dirty
00:05:45 Step 1 Washing The Beard
00:06:33 The Tools
00:07:30 Step 2 Blowdrying
00:08:42 Step 3 Roughing in the shape
00:12:00 Step 4 Freehand
00:12:59 The Tricky Part
00:14:33 Step 5 Outline
00:18:25 Step 6 Shaving
00:19:10 Styling
00:19:49 Finale

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How To Fade Your Beard
8 Beard Growing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Matty Conrad has been called GQ's favourite mens groomer and is most well know for his how-to-grow a beard series with the popular magazines youtube page. But Matty is also the owner of multiple successful barbershops, has been awarded some of the barbering industries top honours, has been features in dozens of magazines, works with celebrity clients, and after 27 years has become a legitimate barbering icon. He has spent the last decade travelling around the world sharing his best tips and tricks with barbers and promoting his men's grooming range Victory Barber & Brand which he designed to help men increase their confidence and groom themselves for greatness. A consummate beardsman Matty has turned his attention to teaching men how to take care of their facial hair and answering all their grooming related questions. SO leave your question in the comments and maybe he will answer yours next!


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💬 Comments

You've got such great content Matty! Keep 'em coming. -Eric

Author — Beardbrand


Thank you very, very much for those DIY videos.
They are really teaching me to keep my beard as I like, particularly this one.
Worth mentioning, the "mind blown moment" on the other video and this one where you lean the head back to produce a straight line on the lower part...
I still feel dumb for not knowing this earlier, and thankful for being taught on your videos!
Keep up the awesome work!

Author — Matheus Taborda


That was amazing! Thank you so much for going over this shape.
The beard anatomy part was very interesting. Is there already a video where you explain the 3 beard primary shapes and the benefits of each?
You taught me so much! I never grew a beard for more than 8mm. Now is almost 1 inch and received a lot of compliments. Solidarity for going to take the vacuum, in that never-ending argument between you and your partner, we know that there will always be a small little insignificant hair left... and she will find it. But we always do our best.

Author — Walter Basile


All i can think is how impressive it was that kratos did this with a leviathan axe

Author — Black Swan


Great video! I was finally able to give this a try tonight and I think it turned out very nice. A few “oops” moments so ended up being a little shorter than I wanted, but now I can grow it out and continue the shape maintenance over time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skill with the rest of us!

Author — Jz Fire


It's great having an 'in shop video' and a 'DIY video' for those brave enough to attempt the self trim!

Author — Hugh Woodland


I love Kratos and God of War but the anatomy was my favorite part of the video.
It helped tremendously in debating what I'd like to do with my yeard later, my original goal was the Kratos/Ducktail but I am starting to think round/The Boss style.
This made me realize I need to research more on full beard styles and beard anatomy. Luckily, I'm only on my 3rd month of the yeard and have plenty of time.
Thanks Matty! Incredible video, you slayed the Kratos again.

Author — Bkoz


Matty's videos never disappoints. 🔥
I've learned a lot from your videos and over the past couple of months I feel very confident to shave my beard myself.
Thank you very much.

Author — Ardalan Rezaeian


Great video, and thank you for showing us the DIY version! I've been growing my beard out about 7 months now and might try an experimental shorter ducktail.

Author — Evan Brooks


Well I now know what I'm doing this weekend! This is definitely one of the best diy step by step beard trim video I've ever seen, thank you

Author — painedinks


Hey Matty your videos are so helpful. Thank you for all the content. Can't wait to get a good set of clippers so I can shape my beard this way. Keep the great content rolling and thanks again

Author — Katlin Harbour


Hey Matty, I’ve really enjoyed these beard videos. I can trim my clients beards all day, but I struggle with my own. My guess is my left-handedness lol. Anyway, this really helped and I can’t wait to apply some of these tips to my own beard as well as my clients. Thanks

Author — Mark Bradley


Im trying to grow my beard out as well and ive been enjoying your videos. Very helpfull with how to cut and style. Ive messed up so many times and had start growing from scratch 😂😅

Keep up the good work :)

Author — Llew


I’ve been hairstyling since 1994, but barbering is a whole other craft!
You’ve got some mad talent and a great teaching flow.
Now I can trim my Hubb’s handsome beard, thanks a bunch!

Author — Icon Ink


I am so glad I came across your YouTube channel! After watching this video, I can’t believe how good my beard turned out . Also, The super dry beard paste is the best by far, just got it today . I Just wanted to say cheers and thank you 🙏 . Keep being awesome.

Author — HAX


How long does it take to achieve this look? I currently have a clean trim, 3 clip so it’s close. Would you say 3 months? Also, there’s always the awkward stage of growing out the beard where it doesn’t look good. Any tips to surpass this stage would be appreciated. Thanks.

Author — Chris


Amazing insights. You make it look easy with all your experience, so the advice about getting to the barber is the best. Thanks! You’re doing a brilliant job.

Author — Steve James


Great vid as always Matty! I used to rock a goatee in my younger days with the same tapered point to slim my face. I've had a beard for about 4 years now but always kept it short because of my coarse hair and round face. I recently decided (January-ish) to grow it out and this seems like the perfect shape. I've always kept the bottom line starting at the jaw hinge and straight to the adams apple, but I'm going to assume it will need to go below the jaw to pull this off? How far below the jaw line should I go? Or do i just need to focus more on the length of the hair on the walls? Cheers!!

Author — J-Bizzle Fo Shizzle


Great tutorial! Thank you! I'm doing my 3rd trim now on this style. I love it. And if you mess up a little, guess what? It grows back. Looking forward to checkin out your other videos. All the best.

Author — Kerry Knowles


I have only had bad experiences with barbers 3 by 3 they took off almost 6 months worth of length off cuz they couldn't handle my beard.
So i stoped going to barbers for years.

Seeing your dedication to the craft it's giving me hope that there might be a local barber that can deal with my beard.

Great content.
Keep it coming.

Author — Hisoka Morow